I was walking alone on the winding path uphill

It was nearing sunset & the mist had intensified

Bells rang aloud in a distant monastery

I imbibed the eerie calm and stood stupefied

I recommenced walking after taking a moment or two

It was a long way to go, had no time for procrastinating

My destination was far off, and the journey wasn’t easy

But the decision was made, no point in self berating

As I climbed further and further

Coldness multiplied & darkness augmented

Some distant screeches of unknown birds came rolling to me

Some had frolic and some sounded tormented

I knew I was nearing where I desired to reach

It was pitch dark by then, some stars were twinkling

Moon was yet to unleash its irrefutable glory

The night would be indelible was my weird inkling

Then the full moon appeared as majestic

Lighted up the mountain and me

At a distance I could see the ramshackle temple

It was exactly how I imagined it to be

The old man in the monastery that day

Had narrated a tale of beguiling beauty

He stated that the vista from the temple was to die for

When the moon is full and the night is sooty

The extravagant explorer in me

Urged me to travel the un-traversed lane

When I reached the magical remains that night

What I beheld was divine and insane

The mountains bathed in the silvery silhouette

Like a fairy in the magical fountain

The enchantress that I discovered that night

Was an improbable charm of the mystical mountain

The greatest treasures are seldom to locate

We need to cry, we need to fight

But the fruits of toil are the sweetest of all

That’s what I realised on that serendipitous night

The blue sky was tangible that dusk

I kept gazing until my vision was blurred

Thoughts had formed conflicting dough

In my otherwise resilient mental thoroughfare

My mind was spinning round and round

Peace nowhere to be found

Some musings danced in irregular steps

No serenity to surround

Words needed their path to escape

Emotions bubbling high

But the right chord would just not strike

My heart demanded a heartfelt cry

Creativity is a boon for sure

But sometimes it is a curse

When words and emotions are not in sync

It is a vanquishing fuss

And then my eyes searched the sky again

Sought answers in its blinding brightness

The ray of hope was hidden inside the floating clouds

I just needed to unclog the mess

I took shelter in my piece of peace

My diary and my pen

Words will come to my rescue for sure

And keep me untroubled and sane

Life isn’t an assessment, Life isn’t a race

But it is an unforgiving struggle, which all should face

My narration is my humble shelter

Where I can rest my case

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