Updated: Sep 30, 2020

The breeze flows disturbing the setting of my salon dried hair

I push it away cherishing its softness and lulling fragrance

My vision clears to see the full moon in the dark sky

Taking a deep breath, I close my eyes and inhale life

My cup of coffee had gone cold by then

I decide to warm it up

Letting the steam escape to nothingness

I let all fears, anxieties to dry up

A mid night coffee is my favourite indulgence

Sitting by the window and gazing at the sky

I often reinvent my feelings and create musings

My creativity gets wings to fly

Putting all lights off in my sixteenth floor apartment

I embrace the dark cloak

Let the stars, moon and the fairy lights be my companion

Let in magic all my thoughts soak

I close my eyes to see the dream

There are flowers all around

I sit by the magical stream and its rhythmic flow

And indulge in its rippling sound

But as my eyes open to blaring reality

I wonder where my dream sublimed

When the twinkling star whispered in my ears

“In your heart it remains archived”

“Search for that key that you have lost somewhere

Unleash that will to excel

Then heaven will descend into your arms

And ambitions and creativity will propel”

I thanked the star for shining in my sky

I thanked my dreamy mind

Realisations often arrive in oblivion

Fetch some peace and sometimes withdraw from the grind

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