The reverie called Lucerne...

The tranquil waters of Lake Lucerne

Like Mirror to the snow-capped eminence

Chilly was the wind and high was the spirit

As I witness the sublime magnificence

The tree lined lakeside and the chapel bridge

Grey clouds looming low

The cold winds and its fiendish dance

Compel my creative juices to flow

I wondered, if in that fairyland

Fairies descend in moonlit night?

I would keep awake through the warm silence

As the wild roses emanate their aura and hypnotize.

My first rendezvous with the enamored Alps

Engagement with the Swiss land of dreams

Lucerne was that fascinating prologue for us

That compels to experience the entire piece

By Aritra

The Vibrant Lake Lucerne lined with eateries

Our Swiss Holiday had started with Lucerne, serene, peaceful and dreamy. With majestic ranges overlooking the swathe of Lake Lucerne, a mischievous hide & seek of the sun, the old, intimidating chapel bridge and its colorful aura, it was the perfect prelude to the upcoming musical spectacle.

But as they say "its about the journey not the destination". Hence my narrative assign some space to our travel from Paris to Lucerne.

Gaiety after Boarding TGV

The bar

We had taken a TGV or Train a Grand Vitesse from Paris to Zurich, this is a high speed intercity train service in France. "Grandeur" is the word for Grand Vitesse. We had taken a first class ticket and it was truly a classy ride. The bar in the train, adds that exquisiteness and uniqueness to it.

Glimpses of the picturesque landscape

But the most amusing and captivating part was the scenery of serenity it traverses through. The beautiful European Countryside leaves you absolutely spellbound. Lush greenery, blue meadows, cows with that signature Swiss bells around their necks and slow encroachment of the visibility of the Swiss Alps, each frame is capture worthy and uniquely separate from each other.

"I keep looking, without a moment to blink

I keep looking at you

Smile refuses to discard my lips

Nature has been such gracious, just to few"

From Zurich, we took a train to Lucerne and when we reached it was ideal time for brunch. We decided to fill our stomachs first and then start our expedition.

Foodie delight

We chose a nice warm cafe by the lake called "Guinness and more", previously this place was called Shamrock Irish Pub. A sport bar that turns to a pub at night, it was an awesome place for some relaxation, yummy food, a cup of coffee or a can of beer. The coziness was a welcomed change from the chilling air outside.

Chapel Bridge

St. Peter's Church

View from the Church

Lucerne, is more about the silence of the place. The lake with the swans and ducks, the cold wind, the fir lined lane, the huge church and of course the chapel bridge named after St. Peter's Chapel. This one is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe, and the semi dilapidated state makes it very unique.

The little place with its immense beauty, leaves you craving for more of the Swiss Alps, which gives its alluring appearance in Lucerne, but can be seen more closely as you travel higher up. Among the places we visited, Wengen gave the best view.

Some tips to the travelers:

a. Lucerne is very beautiful and is a must visit. It can be easily explored on foot. But remember to book a hotel near the station as most of the places of interest are nearby and makes traveling easy.

b. If you are traveling to Switzerland from France, don't miss the TGV experience. It is worth every penny.

c. Food in Swiss destinations are more expensive than France, so be prepared to spend good amount on that.


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