R-Adda-in high spirits

It’s not very often that I visit pubs, the reason being the underwhelming crowd and scarcity of sitting arrangement. But deep inside I love the idea of getting dressed and dancing to foot tapping numbers. And probably, when you don’t arrange anything, things get arranged the best. The same happened this Friday, recuperating from fever, visiting a pub was the last thing in my wish list. But my husband, Avishek, wanted to and he assured that we would return, immediately, if I don’t feel good.

It wasn’t the first time, he visited R Adda in Juhu, but it was my introductory visit for sure.

Truly the place is high spirited and is one of the very few that remains open till 3:00 am. The crowd is good and starts pouring in only after 12:00. We didn’t have food but the drinks were good and there is hookah. I think it’s also one of the very few where the music is a mixture of English, Hindi and Punjabi blockbusters, and hence there is an intriguing desi twist to the hip-hop and English chart-busters.

Great company, euphoria and fun, experimental music made my rendezvous overwhelming. Overall R Adda fascinated me and I would love to revisit its maddening and celebrating aura once again.


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