In all the animosity around

In the unforgiving ruthlessness

In all the harsh expressions

There is an upbeat mess

When looks are deprived of genuine care

When touch fails to sooth

When love withers in scorching sun

There is serendipity uncouth

When nature is savage

N more savage are the mortals around

When kindness is an alien word

Yet there is weird warmth to surround

The winds are fiendish, destructive is its aura

Shelters are nowhere to be found

People with broken hearts and scattered minds

Are running all round

Dystopia is not a state of land

It is a state of mind

Assembling the broken pieces

With the conflicting emotions entwined

The hope of reinforcement of that dreamland, utopia

Flowerbeds with blooming colours, and butterflies to kiss

The sky a tangible blue

Where life’s a perfect bliss

Lies inside my overemotional heart

At times irrational, at times uptight

It keeps weaving tales of hope

Flowers will blossom when the time is right

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