I am as fragile as the butterfly

More fragile is my heart

It beats too fast when you hold my hand

And faster when it drifts apart

You can hurt me hard and make me cry

You can cause pain agonising

But you can hardly kill my mystic smile

For through all the agonies, it must keep shining

I am as transparent as the fountain in the hill

More transparent is my heart

Emotions flow unabashed and unaware

There isn’t adulteration in that

But you may fail to understand

Or may choose not too

It would never alter my musings of love

And my tales wouldn’t stop to brew

I am as sublime as the morning dew

More sublime is my heart

It tends to stop when our lips do touch

And anguish falls apart

Then when we walk hand in hand

And Eyes meet with love

Energies unify to a mystic association

Mysterious stars twinkle in the sky up above

I am as mischievous as the golden deer

More mischievous is my heart

Unaltered by the pain you caused

It continues its playful dart

It skips a beat, when you spare a fervid glace

It drenches in the rain

With some tears inside my dramatic eyes

I have a ball going insane

But as I sit in the darkened room

My heart opens up to me

It asks with teary beats

“To all the frolic, where is the key?

I smile when hurt, I smile in pain

I smile when I end up bleeding

When will they read my woes?

And act in a way conceding”

Oblivious to the queries of my heart

I stare at the mystifying moon

As if the answers are hidden in the silvery silhouette

And would descend like a boon

Then I hold my heart tight, I smile at it

Mend a wound or two

Planting a loving peck I say

“The key lies within you”

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