I wanna be!

I wanna be like that flower, rare, enigmatic

That blossoms by the secret fountain

In the dense forest, in foothills of the majestic Alps

The one that emanates inebriating fragrance

And has an impacting life perhaps

I wanna be like that soft moonlight

That has divine power of fighting the strongest darkness

Fragile yet mighty, mellow yet feisty

The one that evokes genuine emotions

And tickles the deepest psyche

I wanna be like that oasis in a vast desert

The one that is sought, the one that is loved

The one that renders life

The one that stands for hope in austerity

And ensures that bravery thrives

I wanna be that warm smile

I wanna be that pacifying hug

I wanna be as mysterious as the unknown elf

I wanna be love, I wanna be rapture

I just wanna be myself

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