Do I know myself?

I looked into that known pair of eyes

It looked back at me drenched in doubt

I asked “do you know me?”

I asked “do you know me?”

But it just stared on, blank, clueless.

I was stupefied for I, had recognised that pair

That unknown depth and some known flair

And the rejection in the look made me perspire

I asked, pleadingly this time “do you know me?”

“Or do you know me not?”

The look underwent metamorphosis this time

Doubt replaced by assurance

With hope running high I asked for last time “do you know me?”

The answer came straight and brash

The answer came rolling and rumbling

The answer was “No”

This angered my stabbed ego

“How could you be so blind?”

Taking a bottle lying by my side

I threw straight at the mirror peering at me

But the broken pieces had started an eerie pandemonium

They shrieked in unison, “I do not know who you are!”

“I do not know who you are!”

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