The Secret Night

When you opened your eyes and found me no more.

But the ridges on the bedsheet told stories of the night gone.

Remember when the moonlight caressed my cheeks?

And you wonder how I vanished with the descent of dawn.

The breeze was lulling and moon was bright

Essence of wild roses aroused desires

I was dressed in dreams, and drenched in love

You touched my hand, and shattered all fears

The window let the soothing gust in

My long traces glided with that flow

Some remnant of kohl flowed down with tears

Time elapsed delectably and slow

Looking into your eyes, my thoughts sublimed

Inebriation of your proximity, made heartbeat race

You smiled in amour and held me tight

With a naughty grin I rested my case

When we stared at each other as we lay side by side

I doubt if we let our eyes blink

And when I caressed your hair with gentle strokes

You shut your eyes, and stopped to think

The night had passed gifting memories to cherish

You opened your eyes and found me no more

For I am just a dream, I don’t exist

But you will see me each night when you open the door

Image: Courtesy Google images

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