Viral Fever

I opened my eyes and beheld a different world

The maddening race had come to a jarring halt

Marathon runners were resting for a change

The honking tribe had stopped with a jolt

The fear of an invisible enemy was looming low

Air was heavy and breeze didn’t blow

Unnerving silence had encroached in the city with stealthy footsteps

The lightening speed was faltering and slow

Amongst the mess of hues and cries

Amongst the feeling of low

There lied a ray of hope hidden beneath the heave of despondency

So let a gust of positivity blow

For ages that have gone by

For thousands of years that flew away

We stood divided and antagonised

On religion, gender, colour, status

We exploited the creation without any mercy

Called it urbanisation

Encroached into the privacy of the dense forest land

Disrupted the collectedness of the deep blue sea

With warning signals from around the globe

Our selfishness did not cease

So Mother Nature created a peril

That convulsed our self seeking lives of ease

She enforced introspection

It was time to take a pause

Each of us are connected through an invisible umbilical chord

And it is necessary to appreciate the cause

It took a deadly virus to make mankind retrospect

It took some harsh blows to awaken our souls

Quarantined to individual corners

Let’s put hatred, malaise to rest

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