From the balcony of the 24th floor apartment

She could see the cars rush by

The lights on the roads grew louder and louder

As darkness embraced the city sky

The horns were loud

They pierced her ears

She wanted to shut off the cacophony

And fight all fears

She wanted to hug her adjuring self

She wished to place a peck

She desired to kiss those doleful eyes

She craved to sink with that wreck

As thoughts blocked her creative mind

Emotions choked her to death

To seek the warmth of her loving pillow

She ran with the remnants of her accelerating breath

As slumber approached, peace reinforced

Eyes were getting heavy and breathing eased

She felt the dew drops on her sublime soul

And the little bird in the meadow teased

She could see herself embracing life

There was a mystic aura of the ravishing dawn

The sun had arrived with promises new

For life doesn’t end with hallucinations few

Featured: Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Makeup, hair and styling: Nivedita Sen

Photography: Tathagata Sarkar

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