Gullible but True

She was floating with the clouds

Heartbeats hardly under control

Every moment darted like thunder

And flowed past her cheeks with the remnants of kohl

Oblivion had engulfed her state of sanity

She wasn’t asleep, she wasn’t awake

Contemplation had blocked her mental thoroughfare

With just another blow her fragile heart would break

But she would rise like a phoenix

Yet another time, for yet another era

Her dreamy self gathering to build yet another illusion

Like an inviting oasis in the desert of Sahara

Time and emotions virtuous or vicious

Had eventually flew

And her panic stricken self had enlightened her soul

For she now knew that she was gullible but true

Featured: Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Makeup, hair and styling: Nivedita Sen

Photography: Tathagata Sarkar

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