Humanity shall thrive!

I looked around and acknowledged the distress of the surroundings

The dark sky and its menacing silhouette on the rippling water

Placidity had no existence anymore, there was perplexity all around

There was severity, there was slaughter

My forehead bore the lines of pain

The hue on my skin was pale with fear

I was searching in the dystopia for that human face

That had retained love, that had retained tear

And then I saw her draped in a white flowing gown

There were stains on her robe, some blood, some sweat

Her messy hair was merrily flying in the air

She looked terrified, as if she was in great threat

I walked over to her and looked at her mush

She peered at me with questioning eyes

Eyes that were dull with distress, but had a glow of hope

Like the sailor on a boat, about to capsize

I asked inquisitively “who are you my dear?

In this world of hatred, how have you managed to survive?”

At this she smiled, in an uncanny allure

“I am humanity and I wish to thrive.”

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