Bangkok & Pattaya travel diary

Me at Pattaya

They say travelling to Bangkok, is synonymous to erotic exhilaration, like letting yourself loose. But when you travel there for work, the exultation is adulterated with workload and the side effects of it. However in our case we designed our trip in a way, that there was no crossing of paths for work and frolic. Once we put on the work hat, we just worked and once we put on the fun hat, we were in cloud 9.

The tropical heat was hard and day temperatures were very high. But Bangkok is a colourful and illuminated city, especially in the night. Whether it is the streets lined with food stalls, or the innumerable Thai spa options, the city is high in spirits, painted in hues of life and definitely it does not sleep. But my best rendezvous occurred during our cruising on the Chao Phraya River. It was like knowing the city heart to heart.

If you are in Bangkok, do not miss the river cruise. I have experienced cruising in Thames and Seine too, and believe me these experiences bring you close to the city, its architecture, its culture and let you imbibe its uniqueness.

Frankly ours was not a full blown Thailand trip, as we didn’t explore much, though the brief rendezvous had enough moments to cherish.

The gang

Bangkok is a happy city, and of course a shopaholic’s paradise. But unfortunately we hardly had time to pick up things. Thankfully we didn’t miss the foot message, which was relaxing beyond imagination. The ladies know the pain points like a pro and at the end of the session you are lightened to the core.

The backdrop says it all

Pattaya city on the other hand is actually a heaven for those looking for ecstasy. Walking street is a strange place to be in, a little awkward, over the top and absolutely unapologetic. People run up to you with offers of sexual pleasure. Skimpily dressed dolled up women are all around, some are even exhibited in glass rooms doing poll dance etc. There are open MMA matches going on just for fun. It’s a different world where bodily needs and fetishes aren’t pushed under the carpet. I gawked at the pandemonium around and tried to read the real expressions on the men and women on exhibition, but it was too multi layered to touch the core.

Cruising on Chao Phraya

Cruising on Chao Phraya

Last but not the least, my best experience was cruising. The star studded night, glittering Bangkok city and few moments of effortlessly flowing with the river, loosen knots and help you breathe better.

Life is exactly what you make it. So invest all your money in experiences not in tangible possessions. Travel is one of the best ways to unwind and know your true self. It makes you evolved and better as a person.

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