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No travel is complete without indulgence into yummy delicacies. Recently, I have been writing about my UK travel but I did not narrate my rendezvous with different food joints and the ones that left impression. So through this narrative, I want to take you all, on a succulent voyage across the eating houses that created strong images in my mind, I mean, on my tongue. Hope you have fun!!

A snug cafe in High Street Yarm

  1. Vadah – A promise from India

Well! This isn’t the name of any movie; it is an Indian restaurant in Riverside, Stockton-on-Tees. If you are an Indian and placed abroad, in no time you would crave for Indian food and we were no exceptions. But of all the Indian restaurants I visited during my stay in Eaglescliffe, Vadah actually kept its promise. The taste does remind you of the spices of your motherland, the aroma, the texture and of course the presentation does complete justice to their claim.

It is a fine diner of mid expense range, and is located strategically by the river Tees, creating a romantic ambience for its visitors. The menu card is moderately spread and you can get enough of your favourite cuisines. Tandoori Chicken was my favourite dish. The restaurant renders a comfortable atmosphere and spread out sitting arrangement, adequate illumination and some Buddha Statues for your company. The staffs are friendly and efficient.

Overall, Vadah gave me a taste of my country when I was away from it and I suggest it to all Indian food lovers. It is better to book a table, especially if you are planning to visit on a weekend.

The location of Vadah, by the Tees river

2. The Waiting Room

This restaurant is absolutely unique and has won many awards. It is surprisingly a vegetarian restaurant, serving cuisine, which I believe bears impressions from many dishes across the world. It is difficult to attach a name to the type of food they serve, but delicious and endearing are the words that come to me. They claim to create unique recipes and believe in slow cooking of organic food.

It is on the expensive side but the food is worth the price. They use rich ingredients like loads of nuts and cheese, and hence nutrition value is high. However the portions are large, and hence you should be careful while ordering, if you do not wish to waste.

I enjoyed the friendly ambience and the distinct flavours of the food, have stayed with it. I recommend the restaurant to all food lovers, who enjoy experimenting with taste and is open to accept uniqueness.

A kofta stuffed with nuts

3. Jamal’s

This restaurant is in Middlesbrough and is a very famous Indian restaurant in the area. The uniqueness of the place is that it is run by a man called Jamal and he is the one man army of the place. He takes your order, cooks your food and serves you with a smile. His only help in the kitchen is his wife. However since he does everything on his own, be prepared for that long wait, while he patiently cooks the delicacies from you. Jamal is a Bengali and gets his spices from Bengal. Therefore expectantly there is a distinct ‘bongness’ in his creations, which I loved.

The place is not too large, however tastefully done for comfort and leisure. And since you might require waiting for some time, the bar can come to your rescue to kill that boredom.

I loved the food and recommend it to food lovers who are enthusiastic about Indian cuisines. But just have time in your hand and it is better to give a call and enquire about the probability of getting food, since it is pretty crowded most of the time.

A view of Jamal's

Besides the mentioned three I had experienced a lot more. But as I indicated in the beginning of the narrative, these are the ones that were distinct from the rest and hence were worthy to be written about.

Food that keeps you going

Travel is exploration, of geography, history and culture. And food is an integral part of living. Wherever I go, I make it a point to explore local cuisines and also the famous eateries of the neighbourhood. I was surprised to note that some of the celebrated joints around Eaglescliffe served Indian cuisine. I believe that is the power of our flavour; it can bond with every heart, satisfy hunger and tickle the taste buds on every tongue.

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