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Eaglescliffe, the beautiful town

I opened my sleep laden eyes, to sunlight peeping in through the window of my hotel room. Immediately a wide grin lit up my blotted face, it was a Sunday and a sunny one. Believe me, a bright day is enough reason to celebrate, when you are in UK in mid-January. But soon my rising frolic sublimed to nothingness, when I comprehended that I had nothing to look forward to. Although nature beckoned me to embrace her with love, I had no plans to build on. Here I must confess that I am not a solo traveller type, and I had no company on that particular & spectacular Sunday.

Anyways, I got up from bed and started my day with a cup of coffee. I sat sipping from my cup and beholding the splendid day, unfold in front of me. I looked at the people on the road, covered from head to toe, walking with their dogs for company. From the snug corner of my room, the mystic haze of light and fog looked stunning. But I knew it was very cold outside.

After having my ritualistic breakfast of cornflakes with milk and dry fruits and an egg white omelette, I started feeling the need of shedding off my procrastinating self and start the day with a walk exploring the beautiful neighbourhood.

I was in Eaglescliffe for work. It is a small town in the borough of Stockton-on-Tees in North East England. It is on the north bank of the River Tees and for ceremonial purposes is in County Durham (taken from Wikipedia). It takes around five hours to reach London from Eaglescliffe by road.

High street Yarm

I was putting up at a boutique hotel called The Parkmore; it was cosy and homely, and apt for long stays. Typical starry hotels are too commercialised for that. Besides, the hotel was located very near the railway station, which made travelling very convenient.

High street Yarm, shining in the sun

Anyways, after gaining enough energy and wrapping up the tropical girl in me with loads of winter protection, I started my walking expedition. My first destination for the day was High Street Yarm, a beautiful market place buzzing with energy and glowing in the morning sun. The pebbled lanes, English architecture, smell of freshly brewed coffee gave me that typical European feel. I cannot forget how stunning, the place looked that morning. I also shopped for some goodies from Sainsbury.

Yarm Viaduct

On my way, I also cherished the beautiful view of the Yarm Viaduct. A bridge that carries railway traffic above the town of Yarm and across the River Tees straddling the boundary between North Yorkshire and County Durham.

Custom made lunch spread, pancakes with honey and hot chocolate.

After that eventful walk, I grabbed quick lunch and rested for half an hour in my room, to let my muscles relax before starting the next undertaking. My second and final destination was Preston Park.

The hertitage park

It has the heritage Preston Hall built in 1825 amidst lush green grounds and the river Tees flowing uninhibitedly.

Preston Hall

The 100 acre public park attracts people to have a day with nature, in the company of flower beds and feeding the ducks. It also has a butterfly world which I missed. It houses an environment, specially controlled to allow a variety of exotic butterflies to thrive.

A walk through Preston Park

A walk through Preston Park

Glimpse of river Tees

A walk through Preston Park

The magnificent sunny day added to the beauty. It was indeed a joyful walk with my beloved company, nature.

Vacations aren’t just for stay

They mould our thoughts and encrusts like clay

Broadening the insight and widening the mind

It shines through us like a glorious day

Sometimes we seek beauty from far

In planets unknown or the shooting star

But happiness at times is just a step away

Catch those dreams and store in a jar

That walk that day, was a voyage of frolic

Like the food for thought, so anabolic

Splendour of that rendezvous made imaginations thrive

Like the poet who creates from the song melancholic

.............................................................By Aritra

Feeding the ducks

I had really made my leg muscles over work that morning and my body craved for that hot bath. However, the pictures that I captured in my mind are precious and I would have repented if I didn’t go to bed with an aching leg that night.

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