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Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings

By Publilius Syrus

I believe in the above saying and I also believe that it is an extremely difficult vision to acquire and a tougher task to undertake. I have been thinking about well being, health awareness and nutrition for quite some time but unfortunately very little could be executed. Each time a friend or a family member inspired me to push the envelope harder, job, blogging commitments, reading commitments and my humongous feeling of responsibility towards my second budding novel, shrieked at me and demanded attention and time.

I believe that almost all of us are fighting time. Although completely aware that good health ensures better utilisation of the same, combating undesired hormones, lethargy, yet it is undeniably a tough task to undertake.

So today, I will be writing some hacks which I am working on and some I am planning to work on, which I believe will gradually inculcate overall empathy of me towards myself and keeping everything aside I will learn to leverage some time for my mental and physical fitness.

These are inspired by some books I read, some wandering travel wisdom I gathered and some inspiring people I happen to encounter. If you disagree, I will be more than happy to know where I am going wrong.

So people...let’s get started!

1: Women’s Health

Women’s day is just round the corner. While the world will come alive celebrating an aspiration of equality and inspirational tales of women who worked their way to achieve incredible heights, I have a different agenda.

I want to vow to keep my health at the top of my priority list, since wars cannot be fought in empty stomach.

With the generic reluctance of women to assign time for their well being, we have raised a generation of weak womanhood, especially in India. In a developing country like ours, in millions of households, even today, women wait for their entire family to finish eating after which they have food. Needless to mention, their eating ritual is tainted with tiredness after catering to the needs of others, often the unwanted portions and in many cases inadequate quantity. And the saddest part is, even a large part of the literate society takes pride in these rituals.

Nothing can change if we don’t change from within; if we don’t feel that we deserve to sit with everyone have meal together. There is nothing wrong in serving, but there should be decorum of respect.

I want to vow to keep my health at the top of my priority list!!

2. Women and Multitasking

I have heard women boasting about the fact that they multitask like crazy. They cook, they wash, they work in office, they serve food etc. etc. But dearest lady do you know that multitasking is extremely stressful, since when you are juggling physically, your thoughts are also jumping from thing to another?

None, of us can do without it and it’s true for men as well. Yet the magnitude that women undertake is incredible making Indian Women one of the most depressed groups across the world.

Hence, gradually limit your multitasking, outsource work to domestic help etc. and inculcate empathy in family members so that they do not mistake you for a machine and start lending a friendly hand of help. Use the time you save on meditation, exercise or may be read a book of your choice, the idea is to rejuvenate.

Gradually limit your multitasking, outsource work to domestic help etc. and inculcate empathy in family members so that they do not mistake you for a machine and start lending a friendly hand of help!!

3. Gradually eliminate sugar

Start reducing your sugar intake, it is truly white poison. I am working towards it with all my might. We Indians are absolutely emotional over our cups of tea, but that steaming, milky indulgent cup is often an enemy if it has sugar.

I am a bong and needless to mention, have a sweet tooth. Hence as starters I have replaced the sugar in my tea with jaggery, and believe me it tastes fine. Although both have same calories but jaggery is natural without added chemicals and it absorbs much slowly in your blood compared to sugar.

This replacement is a good hack towards living healthy.

I have replaced the sugar in my tea with jaggery!!

4. Start using devices that save time and energy

I am sure many of you have heard about INSTACUPPA. They manufacture health and wellbeing accessories using minimal plastic, substituting it with bamboo, glass etc. Their products aim at giving easy access to good health.

  • Green Tea Detox bottle

These infuser bottles make life easy and hassle free. You just need to put the tea in the strainer and add some warm water to the bottle. Its insulated cover helps to keep your tea hot and happening. Now good health is just a sip away.

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  • Thermos Travel Mug

For tea or coffee enthusiasts, having that perfect blend is not an option but a necessity to keep their sanity intact. Hence why to compromise on your healthy indulgence while you are travelling, when INSTACUPPA has the solution?

The Thermos travel mug is the perfect solution to that tea craving to celebrate a successful trekking expedition. After all, mental health and satisfaction is the key to well being.

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It is very important to make smart and fast choices in this maddening, fast moving world. And this is applicable for health upkeep as well!!

5. Choose the type of physical exercise that attracts you

We must confess that all of us are not self driven. Some of us procrastinate a lot, like me. Discipline can be achieved gradually but a kick start is a must. Hence introspect what attracts you. If posing in your gym gear and posting in Instagram fascinates, start going to the gym and gradually the hard work of others will inspire you. If you are a nature lover, start morning walks and if you love dancing just do that.

Fitness is a state of mind very difficult to achieve, so lull yourself with some bait and gradually align your lazy spirit to that of a fitness freaks!!

Also travel as much as you can, know the world. It is liberating and enlightening. It is that breath of fresh air that keeps you happy and healthy...

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At the end I would just like remind you that it’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you.

Stay Healthy! Stay Happy! Keep Writing!


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