Celebrate Womanhood from the heart #Womensday #happywomensday

“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.”

― Roman Payne

Suddenly yesterday night, just out of curiosity I had googled the meaning of woman. Out of the many meanings that appeared in front of me, one phrase attracted me, it said “member of the fair/gentle sex.” It disturbed me, doesn’t the sentence put in words, what remains in the minds of millions in our society?

In our country we worship goddesses and attach the highest level of respect to the word mother. Woman’s day is celebrated worldwide, to celebrate the awesomeness of womanhood. But are the homages or the commemorations significant, if statistics indicate increasing crimes against women and general inequality in all strata of the society?

I had grown up seeing my mother as a successful homemaker. She looked after all of ours’ needs, as if she was well versed in telepathy. Before we could utter a word, the need was satisfied. I used to wonder how she could single-handedly manage all daily household chores. My father and all of us had weekly leaves but she had none. As I grew up she became my best buddy. We were each other’s’ confidant. And sometimes in the solitude of a lonely night she would confess her secrets of deep anguish. How many dreams were sacrificed, how many questions have remained unanswered! This story is not just my mother’s, it is of millions of women, whose dreams have washed away, with tears that wetted their pillows in dark lonely nights.

However today we have come a long way, truly we have. This is another era, an era of globalization, an era of virtual relationships and an era of women empowerment. Many liberal men and women across the globe are striving for equality in true sense.

Now the pertinent question is, WHAT IS EQUALITY?

  • Equal opportunities

  • Equal responsibilities

  • Equal respect

And you may keep adding on.


Although we have come a long way, it is shocking to know that a large part of the society is still living under the rock. And that is not just the uneducated, unprivileged section, it also includes large portion of the so called literate society.

I have mentioned few examples below:

  • The recent #Metoo movement exposed the hypocrisy behind the glitz of the glamour world. But the movement was beyond Bollywood, many lawyers, engineers, doctors and corporates pointed to the hush-hush unsafe environment of their work place. The saddest parts in these cases, are that the perpetrators aren’t lacking education, they just lack respect and they misuse their positions of power.

  • In spite of the movements like #Metoo both in Bollywood and earlier in Hollywood, Hindi cinema doesn’t stop objectification of women. The lyrics of many songs are derogatory and objectionable.

  • Some time back I had watched the banned documentary “India’s daughter”. It shows the interviews of the perpetrators in the ‘Nirbhaya Case’. It’s strange and unnerving to know, the culprits lack even an iota of remorse.

  • How many times have you heard that a woman is great at multitasking? Many times…right? But did you know, that too much multi-tasking, multiplies stress level as well? Don’t you think instead of taking pride in juggling work and home, we start inculcating that empathy and sense of responsibility in men too? Isn’t that what equality means in the true sense of the word?

The world today is modern, a woman is flying an aircraft, she is a successful scientist, she is a painter, she is a writer and she is also a homemaker. And obviously she has stresses in life, equivalent or may be more than her male counterpart. In addition to all the tasks she undertakes, she has to face the judgemental society too. She is judged for her clothes, her makeup, and even her choice of friends.

Sometimes I actually feel that this modernisation is a pseudo one, long ago Goddess Sita had given “Agni Pariksha” to prove her sanctity and even today the examination continues. And it is sad but true, that this patriarchy is not just in men, a huge number of women knowingly or unknowingly preach the same.

But can the parochial society stop you? The answer is ‘NO’. We are dreamers and sometimes overemotional. But so what? We can earn bread and respect both. And most certainly we have a place in the society, because we make the society, we are mothers. We love compliments, we love to dress up but we are not accessories, we are not skin deep.

And despite of all that we deal with, I love the concept of women’s day. For we deserve to be celebrated, and we must commemorate the women who have verily contributed to our liberated stature in today’s world. And taking that legacy forward we must vow to live our dreams and lead exemplary lives. Let us preach sisterhood and stand by each other.

This woman’s day let us raise a toast to the awesomeness of womanhood “COZ WE ARE BORN TO BE AWESOME” and coz every day is Woman's day.

“Where dainty fairies fly with their wings wide open,

Where lush greenery has no end, where all rules are broken!

Where cows loiter around, with bells around their neck,

Where phoenix of imagination, rises from a wreck!

That’s the land, where my story belong,

Where the essence of living is felt lifelong”

By Aritra

Let us work together and build a world of equality!!



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