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The stretches of lush green and endearing meadows blue

And the rippling silhouette of the flowing stream

The intimidation of the elaborate grey sky

Concocted a beauteous dream

Some walls of stone, broken but strong

Rest your ears on them and listen to their song

They have stories to convey, some known, some unknown

They are remains of the past, where memoirs are sown

Fountains Abbey is like the glorious day

Which shines with hope and doesn't wither away

Ruins are majestic, ruins engage

They are like the wine that betters with age Aritra

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, with mellow winter sun and cold endearing breeze. A day that leaves you with red cheeks and cold nose, and of course craving for that steaming, milky, indulgent cup of coffee! I got up from bed feeling ecstatic, another new destination was about to unveil its magnificence, I was hopeful and happy.

In all my posts on travelling around UK, the places that I have written about were mostly well known. But this post is different, for the destination wasn’t known to me before and hence excitement was even more.

“Fountains Abbey” is one of the largest and best preserved ruined Cistercian monasteries in England. It is located approximately 5 kilometres south-west of Ripon in North Yorkshire, near to the village of Aldfield. Founded in 1132, the abbey operated for 407 years becoming one of the wealthiest monasteries in England until its dissolution in 1539 under the order of Henry VIII (taken from Wikipedia).

The ruins that mesmerise

The above paragraph may not necessarily excite you, but it will give you a feel of how old the ruins are. Incredible isn’t it? But more incredible is the way they are preserved and in fact converted to a fine tourist destination for that lazy weekend, when you just want delectable rendezvous with nature and sublime in her embrace. The green expanse with grazing cattle, the river flowing unaware of its beauty and of course the old walls, will make you crave to spend more time, and get heart to heart with some long lost stories that resonate in those ruins.

All of us together

I cannot thank Sohini di and Ronojoy da enough, for taking the effort and making this remember worthy travel happen. My narrator and wanderer heart was so delighted to see the charm of Fountains Abbey.

It took around an hour by car to reach the place from Eaglescliffe. The journey was beautiful with nature unfolding its splendour here and there. UK countryside is mesmerising, always giving the poet in you a chance to create. When we reached Fountains Abbey, the sky was grey, but not an alarming hue. Sun was playing hide and seek, and the wind was fiendish yet alluring. Covering ourselves up, we started our expedition with full vigour.

What to do in Fountains Abbey?


Sohini di and I


The word means a storehouse in a medieval monastery or castle. Fountains Abbey proudly owns the enchanting remains of a Cellarium. If you have a good camera, this place can render some breathtaking shots.

Octagon Tower

Octagon Tower

The architecture of this tower is gothic which is interesting to note. You can also enjoy the beautiful view of the garden expanse.

A doorway to memories

Touching the past

Museums and remains of the gone by monastery life

If you are a sucker for history, this place will cater to your interest. There are museums that talk about the medieval monastery culture and how this place turned out to be self sufficient. It has stories from inception to ending. You can also pick up some souvenirs if you wish.

Some rooms have the remains of the old furniture and gives goose bump as you walk past them. Old is most definitely intriguing and you know it from feel of those accessories.

Nature brings smile, real & uninhibited

Living my fairy tale moment

Eternal Peace

The soothing garden, the rippling water

I love being amidst nature, sitting aimlessly on soft grass and watching the ripples on a water body can give me a high. So the green carpet and the flower beds in the abbey, made my day worthy. If you are in a city like Mumbai, where daily life is a struggle for breath, a laid back day amidst fairy tale like surroundings will definitely infuse fresh air into your lungs. Words fall short to describe, how the setting sun spread its hue on the garden and stealthily hid behind the annihilated yet beautiful stone walls of the ruins. The picture has stayed with me.

Now that's indulgence

Tea Room

This cosy little eatery serves food for the soul. With typical English dishes in its menu, it also gives you that snug corner to warm yourself up. I loved the shortbread, it was indulgent and yummy. But I enjoyed our conversations more.

Life is not worthy, if you do not get close to nature. Fountains Abbey is about history, the time that stores loads of mysteries. But it is also about the greens, blues and the delectable sweetness in the air, which you must not miss.

A pathway to happiness

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Ruination is not that bad


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