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Continued after Chapter 1: Some Glittering Tales from London - Part 1

The city of London

Sitting across on the bed that night

With the lights all turned off

I looked at the silence adorned charm of London

And unaware a question escaped my mind

“Do you love to embrace the quirky pandemonium more or

Preferred to cherish the silence of the night?”

At this the city looked back with sleepy eyes

Engulfed in a cuddling winter night

The fiendish wind made her shiver

But she braced to answer back

Flashing an endearing smile she asked

“Could you choose between soul and heart?”

……………………………….By Aritra

Chapter 2:

Sun and the City….

After enjoying a dream laden beautiful sleep that night, I woke up feeling ecstatic. Finally it was the day to explore the city and have a heart-to-heart encounter with it. I just couldn’t wait to start my day. After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, we took tickets of the hop-on-hop-off bus, which included cruising on the river Thames, and started our eventful rendezvous with London.

The city of London

How we travelled across London?

As I have already mentioned, we invaded London on the hop-on-hop-off bus, which according to me is the best option for tourists. It gives a chance to go around London, feel the city closely. As you board you get earphones, using which you can hear about the city, as you glide through the lanes and alleys. Sometimes there can be a guide who will narrate verbally. You will also get maps, indicating the different routes shown in different colours; you can choose the route as per the destinations you intend to cover. The map will also have the pick-up/drop points for convenient travelling.

Us on the Hop-on Hop off bus

The city of London

How our day unfolded?

Destination 1: Buckingham Palace

It is the London residence and administrative headquarters of the monarch of the United Kingdom. Located in the City of Westminster, the palace is often at the centre of state occasions and royal hospitality. It has been a focal point for the people at times of national rejoicing and mourning (as per wiki).

When we reached there it was around 9 in the morning and the winter sun was at its glorious best, the royal building was wondrously captivating in the glittering day light. We walked around, clicked tons of pictures and enjoyed our rendezvous with the Buckingham Palace to the core. This one was a great start to the eventful day.

Near the Palace

Destination 2: London Eye

A glimpse of London Eye

Located on the bank of river Thames, this magnanimous giant wheel, is one the best ways to see London. It is worth mentioning, that the famous West-Minister Cathedral and the Parliament house are located very near to the London Eye and we walked past them. We didn’t enter the cathedral, for we had similar experience in York Minister (Read: Old Town Charms- York) and our time was truly limited.

Parliament House

There were ticket counters near London Eye, where you can buy tickets for different tourist attractions in packages. Be judicious and not over optimistic like us, buy for the ones, you have time for, for e.g. although we bought tickets for Madame Tussauds, we didn’t get a chance to visit. Also the museum is located far away from other attractions, and this must be kept in mind.

View from London Eye

I am scared of giant wheels like many others, but the good news is, London Eye takes half an hour for a rotation, and hence you can hardly feel. The view was incredible to say the least; it reminded me of the expanse I had cherished from the top of the Eiffel Tower (Read : Je t'aime Paris). The city basking in the endearing winter sun, the hubbub of London and the carelessly flowing river Thames, it was a picture to retain on the canvas of our hearts.

View from London Eye

View from London Eye

Besides London Eye, you can also go to ‘The Shard’ for enjoying London skyline, unfortunately we had no time.

Inside London Eye

Destination 3: Sea Life

Sea life is located just beside London Eye. This destination was incredible as it gave the rare opportunity of seeing varied range of sea creatures in huge aquariums. However, if you have less time and is interested to have a better heart to heart with London, you may choose not to allocate time to this place.

The beautiful day

Sea life is about an unimaginable collection of animals that live under water in the mysterious deep blue seas. Jelly fishes, sea horses, sting rays to many more, from tiny ones to incredibly large species, it was quite an intimidating world of animals. There was a section where there were species from Amazon Basin, rare snakes to the blue toad, that part had the smell and aura of a rainforest. But what I loved most were the adorable penguins, they reminded me of the several animation movies on them.

Some Jelly Fish to mesmerise

Destination 4: London Bridge

London Bridge in the dusk

We took a bus from near London Eye and when we near the London Bridge, the sun had mellowed and the city was enjoying the remaining moments of daylight.

If you are in London, you cannot miss this one. We have heard and read so much about this beautiful piece of art, that you just cannot but be inundated when you actually see it in front of your eyes.

The beautiful Tower of London, which is officially Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress, is located just beside the London Bridge.

London Bridge in the dark

This location was enigmatic and etches a beautiful picture. We decided to have glasses of hot chocolate and slices of freshly baked cakes, while we were seated by the river Thames and enjoying the view of the Bridge, we associate our childhoods with.

Destination 5: Cruise on the River Thames

This was the last thing in our travel chart that day. The cruise starts from very close to London Bridge and ends near the West Minister Cathedral.

It was dark and the city had unleashed its night reverie. The bridge looked beautiful in all its lights, as we moved away from it, bidding it a gloomy goodbye. The chilled winter breeze wasn’t able to discourage us from sitting on the deck. We sat all covered up, with a red nose, pink cheeks and occasional shivers enjoying the beautiful night in London, under the brilliance of the full moon jewelled night sky. It was surreal, poetic and picturesque. Nature was too gracious, after tons of energising daylight; it even bestowed with a dreamlike full moon night, couldn’t ask for more.

Cruising on the river Thames

While I sit and write about that unearthly night, I imagine fairies dancing on the bank of the river Thames and the moon bestowing its silvery magic. Dreams come true; you just need to dream hard.

We cruised the mesmerising Thames, saw the London Eye changing colours and watched ripples flow past.

Although, we couldn’t see much of the city, but whatever we witnessed will be retained forever. The alleys of London, historical footprints, J.K Rowling’s residence and much more! Thankfully we had each other’s great company to make the journey more worthy.

Historic Footprints (the most clicked lions of the world)

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Travel is much more than just exploring the place, it is unifying with the rhythm of the place, it is trying hearing the city speak. I believe every place has a unique flavour and as travellers we can imbibe the goodness and enrich ourselves as humans.

Most of the pictures are courtesy Prachi, few by Dhanya & me.

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