Some Glittering tales from London- Part 1

London Bridge at Night

I looked at the full moon and its reflection

It returned with a tender smile

Thames flowed in its own unfazed rhythm

And ripples spread a mile

The fiendish wind played with my hair

My cheeks were red and cold

The eye of London changed its hues

An amorous tenor, like wine old

My childish whim was all in awe

The traveller spirit was high

As manmade wonders hold hands of nature

Enchantment touches the sky

I stared at the glittering city life around

I gaped at the illuminated lane

Moon shone down casting a spell

The mirror of water satiated its queenly vain

The glitter of the city has a lot to offer

London Bridge, Museums and more

But it has a soul, it has a heart

Unify to that texture and open the door Aritra

Chapter 1:

That night in London...

After 5 hours of road travel, gliding through the countryside and riding through the stone lanes, we reached London. It was a beautiful night indeed. The moon shone brightly on the illuminated lanes of the famous city. Christmas aura was irradiate and audacious. Lights flooded the corners and happiness shone around.

It is true when they say ‘it’s all in the mind’. Even that long travel couldn’t fade our enthusiasm. A cup of hot chocolate and we were on the roads, invading London and collecting mid night tales.

Hitting the roads with all might

The city was in high spirits, there were musicians, dancers performing for the cheering crowd. People disregarded the late hours, hit the roads and unified with the glorious pandemonium.

We three ladies, Prachi, Dhanya and I, were also determined to mine some precious moments and keep them safe with us forever.

Mystic Glow

My craze for luminance was well settled that night, as every lane had a unique crisscross of mystic glow. Somewhere the Angel had descended in its seraphic overtone; again another dark lane was embraced in loyal blueness.

The girl gang, from left Dhanya, Myself and Prachi

We had put up at ‘Radisson Blu Edwardian, Kenilworth’ hotel, which was located in the heart of central London. British Museum was just 2 minutes away. Also Oxford Street, which is known to be a shopping paradise, was only 15 minutes of delightful walk away.

Shop till you drop, Oxford Street

Hence, expectantly, we spent that night shopping, eating, giggling and making the most of the festive aura. Words can hardly do justice to the gaiety that rang inside, the music that drenched the soul and lights that brightened the heart.

Angels for company

Tired physically and with a heart full of hope, we hit the bed hoping to have a bright next day and imprint some beaming moments.

To get a taste of that euphoric night, see the video at the end of the narrative...

Pics courtesy Prachi, Dhanya and myself

TO BE CONTINUED............................ Stay tuned!!!


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