Shades of Grey and Brown-Edinburgh


The winding pebbled lanes

And that looming aura of grey

Had many old tales to narrate

Some forgotten tunes to play

The castle and its cloak of history

Recounts the age that’s gone

Some soldiers who fought with all their blood

Some hazed canvases redrawn

When Christmas touches the chilly lands

There is gaiety all around

Some carols sung at the corner of the alley

With divinity to surround

The city that inspires the birth of magic

The birth of Harry Potter

The mystic charm of Edinburgh

Reckons the globe trotter

………….By Aritra Chakrabarty

It was quite a chilly Saturday morning and leaving the blanket was a demanding task for sure. The city was still embraced in grave darkness, as the lazy winter sun decided to report late to work. With all the chills and shivers, we wrapped ourselves up for another weekend expedition.

“Edinburgh, here we come……”


All that time we were experiencing the beauty of England, but then it was time to set foot on Scotland. The excitement of getting to see a new country was keeping us high, until we came to know that BBC had forecast a chilly, windy morning with disrupted train service. But as they say, positivity can keep you warm and protected. Wrapped in positive aspirations and joy of encounter with a whole new culture, we commenced the journey of creating fresh memories and knitting new tales.

The brown and grey of Edinburgh was enhanced by the grey sky. But thankfully it wasn’t raining, although the chilly winds kept us on our toes throughout.

Some dash of color

But before describing my rendezvous with the destination, it is worthy to let know of the unique journey.

How to reach Edinburgh?

We had taken a train from Eaglescliffe to Edinburgh with change over at Darlington. Tickets are easily available online, in some railways stations and also on board itself. It was a beautiful journey of about 3 hours.

Stories are not always perceived on destinations, expedition at times, create some wonderful ones too. Undoubtedly Edinburgh is a beautiful story that must be told, but the journey to reach that glory, is as glorious, for the intriguing expanse of the North Sea accompanies throughout. Although it wasn’t sunny, but the mighty ball of fire was playing hide and seek at times, and it was an experience the see its crimson rays spread over the Sea. Royal Border Bridge which spans the River Tweed between Berwick-upon-Tweed and Tweedmouth in Northumberland, was a sight to cherish. The following little video, will give you some taste of its beauty.

Rolling through the greens and enjoying the vicinity of the Sea, we finally reached Edinburgh. The city was melting in Christmas spirit and we happily joined the festivities.

What we did in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is the Capital City of Scotland and the seventh most populous city of United Kingdom, it is the second most popular tourist attraction and second largest financial center after London. Edinburgh castle which dominates the skyline of the city, is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Hence we started our expedition with the castle itself.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle: A testimony to history, this castle stands tall as the "the most besieged place in Great Britain and one of the most attacked in the world" (as per wiki). The huge structure has lots to explore but of course you need to pay some money to enter.

Inside Edinburgh Castle

The Castle has a lot to offer, from the remembrances of brave Scottish soldiers, to St. Margaret’s Chapel which is there since the 12th Century and is considered as the oldest building in Edinburgh. It tells you the stories of the Kings that ruled, of the wars that were won and lost, there was a sense of pride that reigns supreme. There were beautiful paintings around and you can also get the City View which is no less than a captivating painting itself.

City View from Edinburgh Castle

Princess Street: A fancy street that embraces the old city, Princess Street is famous for shopping outlets and eateries. Although we didn’t purchase much due to constrained time, but the festive aura was so palpable that you cannot ignore its presence.

Festivities in Princess Street

People were dancing, singing, musicians playing uninhibitedly, it was an ambiance to cherish. There was also a colorful fair going on, with Giant wheel, other fun rides and loads of temporary stalls to add on to the hue. We simply adored the Christmas air and were lucky to be a part of it.


The Elephant House: “The Elephant House” is a laid back coffee shop near Edinburgh Castle. It is the place where J.K. Rowling had conceived Harry Potter and is extremely famous now.

However, we didn’t get a chance to eat there, as it was overcrowded. Instead we went to an Italian restaurant nearby and the food and ambiance was wonderful to say the least.

Happy after garlic breads and hot chocolate

Edinburgh has a grave aura to itself. Grey and brown dominates the city color and emanates history, art and literature. In spite of the chills and numbness in the hands, we enjoyed the union with the soul of the city.

All pictures are courtesy me, except the ones I am in. They of course were captured by my lovely travel partner Dhanya.


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