Dating the magestic blues - Whitby

Whitby-traveler's delight

The car drove across the country side

Through lush green, grazing sheep and endearing meadows

I looked around in awe at the enchantress

Arousing in me were some poetries, some prose

And then from a distance I could discern the North Sea

Surrounding the little hamlet, called Whitby

The generous sun shone illustriously above

Gloomy clouds were nowhere to be seen

As we reached the town of fun

The beach city embraced us with all its might

Gaiety around, some role play

And Smell of fresh cakes hit outright

Some 200 steps up took us to the abbey

Where the remains of the past outshines the new

Some tales inspired, some characters born

The magnificence of the expanse blew us too

Whitby is a story that must be told

Shades of the land, some new, some old

Nature unfolds with liberal charm

The melancholy of the traveler is vanquished unarmed

...... by Aritra

On the alleys of Whitby

I experienced many places during my stay in UK, but Whitby happens to be one of my favorites. In fact, only 40 minutes’ drive from our place of stay, this hamlet was quite a revelation to me. And the cherry on the cake was the generous sun, which accentuated the beauty of the place. The sunny beach side, the intense blue sea, and of course the pre-Christmas aura, made Whitby the perfect place for a remember-worthy weekend.

On the alleys of Whitby

The journey was as beautiful as the destination. Our car drove past the illustrious countryside of England, bestowed with the abundance of nature, lush green pastures, grazing cattle and blue meadows accompanied us with grace. Peeping out of the car window, we could enjoy the rendezvous with the painting, we had made in our drawing books, decades ago.

A glimpse of the North Sea

As we neared our destination, the descent to sea-level could be felt. Until gradually we could behold the deep blue surrounding the magnificent lands. That was one view, I couldn’t capture, but it arrested my heart forever.

Christmas Aura

As we reached Whitby, we realized that it was in high spirits. With Christmas knocking at the door, what else would you expect? People were dressed as pirates, Disney characters and musicians were playing on the streets, everyone carried an aura of festivity and gaiety. On the other hand, the glorious sun helped us deal with the chill and also experience the sparkling face of the la la land.

Beating the Chill

How to reach Whitby?

We took a cab (Royal cab service) from our hotel to Whitby and the drive was for about 40 minutes. But there are railway routes as well, and if you are staying further away, trains are better options in terms of both cost and time.

On the Alleys of Whitby....look whom I got hold of!

What to do in Whitby?

The Walkway overlooking the sea

The magnificent blues of the North Sea

Enjoy the beach: If you are a beach person, you would love Whitby. However in winter the scene was little different, we didn’t find people skinny dipping, instead the chilled air and cold sea made it difficult to stay very close to the water for too long. Nevertheless, it was the ravishing Prussian blue that stole the show and etched a picture inside my heart. And the beauty of the estuary of river Esk with the North Sea, captivated my thoughts. There was a long walkway overlooking the sea, its worthy to invest time and stroll through.

The Sea from a distance

The Sea from a distance

Market place by River Esk: The River looked splendid, lined with yachts and fishing boats. A big market place flourished around it, there were marts, shoe shops, souvenir stalls and of course eateries. Whitby is famous for its ‘Fish and chips’ but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time for it, the shopaholic in us consumed quite a bit.

Lunch break after shopping, some hot chocolate and teacakes

Whitby Abbey; a must visit spot:

On the way to the Abbey

On the way to the Abbey

On the way to the Abbey

The east cliff in Whitby is home to the ruins of Whitby Abbey. You need to climb 199 odd steps to get to the spot. But it’s completely worth it, given to the spectacular view it offers. The ambiance of the Abbey is known to have inspired author Bram Stoker for his novel Dracula. You can also see St. Mary’s Church which is just adjacent to the abbey.

St. Mary's Church

On the way to the Abbey

The ruins of Whitby Abbey

Besides the above you could also visit 'Captain Cook Memorial Museum' 'Whitby Museum' or go for a 'Dracula Experience'. Depending on how much time, energy you have and what your interests are, experience and indulge.

Excited after the climb

Excited after the climb

The famous Whale Bone Arch

A place is above the man made attrations, it is not only the museums or the Abbey, Whitby is beautiful seashore and the lustful union of River Esk with the North Sea. It is the nest to numerous seagulls, a place to taste fresh fish. For me every place has a tale to tell, and Whitby has a strange mystery attached to its aura, which the authors didn't miss to capture.

A sunny day in Whitby

Pics are captured by me, obviously except the ones I am in. They are by my lovely travel partner Dhanya.


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