Rendezvous with Newcastle

Newcastle city

Travelling across the world is a privilege, I am absolutely thankful for. My work has taken me, to many places around the globe. And I believe with each encounter, I transform to a bigger person. I understand complexity of human nature; at the same time appreciate the beauty of life a little more.

My recent visit was to the beautiful United Kingdom, which gives the traveler, dreamer, and blogger in you, every reason to be happy.

Currently, I am writing a series of travel blog posts on the UK chapter. Frankly, the task is huge; for I have seen a lot, tasted varied types of cuisines and witnessed nature unfold its beauty magnificently.

With my lovely travel companion Dhanya

But this particular narrative would be rather small. This one is about a place called ‘Newcastle’, but unfortunately I didn’t get enough time, to be heart-to-heart with it, to be able to express my fully evolved emotions.

About the place:

Newcastle is a modern city in Northeast England, situated on the bank of River Tyne. Many soccer lovers like my husband, knew of Newcastle because of ‘Newcastle United’ the football club. It is a beautiful city, with typical British and Roman architecture and great night life.

On the roads of Newcastle

How to reach Newcastle?

I think travelling in Europe, is most convenient in trains. You can easily reach Newcastle using the competent railway network across. You may have to change train in Darlington.

Road travel is more expensive and also time consuming. So if you are a tourist, try to stay near railway stations, so that access to different parts gets easier.

Our hotel was ~7 minutes’ walk from Eaglescliffe railway station.

What to see in Newcastle?

I believe the answer to this question, is conveniently traceable in search engines. So my narrative will adhere to my personal experience.

1. Bridges: Newcastle is famous for the bridges on river Tyne and it’s worthy to capture the series of them, especially the Millennium Bridge. The expanse of the river, crowned with many man-made jewels, looks astonishingly intriguing.

2. Angel of the North: This is a 66 ft. tall structure, which I saw from the train while travelling to Newcastle, not understanding how famous it was. It was only after I read about Newcastle that I came to know about it. It is worthy to visit the place for the Angel and the spectacular view it offers. We missed it due to lack of knowledge.

Angel of the North (pic courtesy: google images)

3. Castle: “The Castle, Newcastle is a medieval fortification built on the site of the fortress that gave the City its name. The most prominent remaining structures on the site are the Castle Keep, the castle's main fortified stone tower, and the Black Gate, its fortified gatehouse” – extract from Wikipedia. The castle is different from its name, as the original one was replaced by a Rectangular Stone keep by Henry II. What remains now, doesn’t emulate luxury, but reflects the signs of simple living, mourns of some prisoners and remains of the work of cobblers who crafted great pieces from leather.

The castle

You will have to pay some entry fee, but frankly there isn’t much to see. Depending on your kind of interest, you may explore it or not.

4. Metro Center: This is a huge shopping complex near Newcastle. You have to take a train from Newcastle to Metro Center. The station opens onto the mall. The place is great if you are planning to buy some good stuff for yourself and your family, from clothes, to shoes, to bags, to an incredible spread of cosmetics who can get it all.

Overall Newcastle is a lovely city with an interesting mix of old and new, some art, some glitz and also the will to create memories for the travelers.

Most of the pictures are captured by me. Except the ones I am in, which were taken by my lovely friend Dhanya.


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