Old Town Charms-York

The Beautiful Town- York

The sky wrapped up in a monotone grey cloak

I wondered if it felt the cold

The winds, the drizzle, chill in the air

Beseeched a hot cup of coffee to hold

Clinging to the bed a little longer

Was what my body craved

But my traveller mind was abuzz

New memories it desired to make

The train was crowded with festive spirit little space for remorse

We cuddled inside the frolic blanket

And let it take its course

On reaching York the picture that struck

Was of joy, was of cavort

We joined the jig with open hearts

And radiated love without an effort

........................By Aritra

I was in the dreamy terrains of United Kingdom for work, but as you know and I am sure you believe, that all work and no play can incapacitate you and force you to dullness, so our weekends were well utilised for fulfilling exploration.

I believe travelling expands the thoroughfare of whims inside us and helps us broaden our perspectives. With the encounter of varied cultures, different heritages, diverse food and language, we internalise the beauty of diversity and appreciate the eerie similarity of mankind in general, our strengths and weaknesses.

Our UK travel started with the enchanting town of York. We took a train from Eaglescliffe, where we were putting up, directly to our destination. The train was super crowded, as many families were travelling to York to celebrate pre-Christmas weekend. The popularity of the destination was loud and clear, with the enthusiasm of our fellow passengers. We knew we had a great day ahead.

View from the Yorshire Museum garden

The day was not too glorious and the sun was reluctant to show his face. The winds were chilling, accompanied with occasional drizzles. But the weather couldn’t mellow our spirits, and with bouts of shiver, running through our tropical tuned bodies, we traversed through York, cherishing its beauty.

The charm of York is in its dignified aging, founded by the Romans in 71AD (as per wiki), the town continues to uphold the culture and heritage, in its alleys, cathedral and the aura. Underneath the darkened winter sky, it was blissful to witness its opulence, in striking contrast.

How to reach York?

I think travelling in Europe, is most convenient in trains. You can easily reach York using the competent railway network across. Road travel is more expensive and also time consuming. So if you are a tourist, try to stay near railway stations, so that access to different parts gets easier.

Our hotel was ~7 minutes walking distance from Eaglescliffe railway station.

What to see in York?

I believe the answer to this question, is conveniently traceable in search engines. So my narrative will adhere to my personal experience.

York Minister

York Minister: The one thing you cannot miss is the York minister cathedral which dominates the skyline of the town. It is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals of Northern Europe and is a unique house to memories of unimaginable age. Its architecture, wood work and glass work would intimidate your creative juices and some preserved pieces will give you a time travel feel.

Inside York Minister

There is an entry fee to touring this piece of art. I loved my moments with the grave silences, the candle lit corners and the British Gothic feel, which is exclusive.

So if in York, visit York Minister.

Inside York Minister

Inside York Minister

Yorkshire Museum: We had less time, and wanted to spend some walking on the lanes and alleys of York and imbibing the Christmas spirit. So instead of going to the Railway Museum, which supposedly would have taken more time, we went to the Yorkshire Museum.

The museum is mostly for kids, and showcases the wildlife of the place and the evolution of the flora and fauna since the ice age. It was not great, but an average experience for a grown up mind.

But what was beautiful was the garden area around, the carpet of green and squirrels around, gives a cute feeling of fairy tales. And being the dreamer that I am, I cherished few moments feeling the child in me.

But I suggest you must try to visit the Railway museum.

Yorshire Museum Garden

York, the Town: The town as already mentioned, continues to thrive and radiate its historic and religious relevance. When we were there, Christmas was knocking at the door and the feeling was felt in every corner. The decorated streets, people playing dressy and musicians adding to the vibes. There is a lot to shop and lot to eat and indulge.

The Festive Spirit

There is a wall in York and you can just work around it and tour the place. However there are "hop on hop off" buses too, but we couldn't get any, as they were all fill due to the festive season.

The Festive Spirit

Overall, York gave us the first taste of a typical old Town in England, which is a flavour so distinct that it lingers with you for long. But no travel is interesting, if your travel partner isn't compatible, hence my thanks to my friend and colleague Dhanya for making travel across UK so much fun.

Happy Blogging, Happy Travelling!

Most of the pictures are captured by me. Except the ones I am in, which were taken by my lovely friend Dhanya.


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