Everything you need to know about Goa!

The breeze came rolling and unleashed my trapped soul. The salt in the air, the spiritedness in the ambience, confirmed that I had hit the sands, the sea and the welcoming sun of Goa.

The air of Goa is intoxicating, liberating and uninhibited. I have seen the tropical paradise in all seasons. Be it the looming greys in monsoon, or the euphoric winters, I have tasted its beauty in all its diversity.

In fact it is one of my favourite holiday destinations in India, the perfect blend of leisure, unwind and fun. Needless to mention, Goa and me have had our share of tales, memoirs and moments to cherish.

I have written about Goa in my blog, numerous times, but this post is not just above my personal experience, it’s a conglomerate, or a bouquet of guidance, that I want to give to the people, planning to experience the place.

How to pack for Goa!

Shopping for a getaway to the sea side is always fun, it’s all about easy breezy and colourfulness. What you wear is your choice, but do remember to stack the following in your backpack.

  1. A pair of sunglasses and a bottle of good quality sunscreen.

  2. Clothes that dry easily and don’t forget to have enough of them. Carry a swimsuit, for that dip to the sea or the pool. You can experiment with your look, and embrace clothes that you dare not otherwise. Goa is forgiving and non judgemental. So live your dreams, at least once.

  3. Slippers, you don’t want the sand to get stuck inside your footwear right?

  4. Goa is a land of spicy Goan food. While I love that flavour, I must confess it is at times hard on the digestive system. So do carry medicines, the ones your body is used to.

  5. First Aid. It is very important to have this kit, as bathing in the sea can have some consequences and you can hurt yourself at times.

  6. Although you can’t pack this, but be sure to be accompanied by a friend or partner who is great on the two-wheeler, if you, yourself aren’t equipped enough.

How to travel and what to see?

If you are from Mumbai like me, the choices are wide. You can take a flight, board a train/bus or just go out with your car. However I would any day, choose flight or train, over car. Not because I am boring, but after experiencing all the options, I thought car travel is overhyped and underwhelming. The distance is long and the road a little risky in patches. You tend to get tired before you reach the destination.

Goa is unique for reasons more than one. However what intrigues me most is that, it has something to offer to every kind of tourist. Are you the kind, who would prefer to relax with a book or party hard with your gang? Well, Goa will cater to all kinds of leisurely demands.

If you are seeking peace and a literal getaway from the hustle of city life, South Goa will suit your whims. This part of Goa has a lot of luxury properties, serene and clean beaches, and limited crowd. I have personally stayed in Holiday Inn in Mobor beach, and it is totally worth it. South Goa also has some famous eateries like Martin’s corner and Fisherman’s wharf.

For that party animal in you, North Goa will be ideal. While beaches like Calangute and Baga are exceptionally overcrowded, especially in December-January, Candolim and few other beaches are adequate for merry making and have moderated crowd. North Goa has numerous eateries, Souza Lobo and Britto’s are to name a few famous ones. But generally the beaches are lined with shacks, and you have a lot to choose from. The music, the air, the crowd and overflowing euphoria will surely touch your heart. This part offers accommodation ranging from budget stay to lavish affairs.

Besides beaches you have forts, churches, casinos and a lot more. Choose what interests you most and indulge.

If Water sports like Parasailing, Jet skiing, interests you, you must experience them in Goa.

When to travel to Goa?

Just like it has something to cater to the taste of every traveller, it also unveils its varied majestic hues every season.

While summers are particularly hot and humid, and absolutely not recommended, both winter and monsoon intrigues my fancies their own way. Being a beach side destination the peak season starts from November to January, when the atmosphere is cool with the sun a little merciful. This is also the time for Christmas and New Year celebrations, which is done in full swing in this tropical land of euphoria.

But if you are planning to visit Goa in the peak season, be prepared to encounter an enormous crowd and pay double the prices.

The other beautiful is season is the rainy one. But you will not like it if you crave for sunny beaches. Although I loved my rendezvous this monsoon, but I will point out the genuine advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Hotels are more economical.

  2. Crowd is less but adequate in North Goa, South Goa is more secluded.

  3. If it is not pouring like cats and dogs, it is the best time to explore Goa, as the weather is cool and the greenery is absolute treat to the eyes.

  4. Some of the beaches are rough but not all. So you will not completely miss out your sea time.

  5. If you are a seeker for peace, winters will be too crowded and summers far too hot for relaxation. So rainy season is a great choice for you.


  1. Water sports are stopped during this season for safety.

  2. Many shacks including Calamari in Candolim, my favorite, remain closed. But the good news is you still have many, which are open.

  3. In many beaches, the life guards won’t allow to go into the sea, as in other seasons because of strong current.

Travelling makes my life worthy, standing in front of the wide expanse of the raging sea; I realize how insignificant I am, my insecurities and my hatred. I also internalized that although my entity is meagre but the might of my emotions are not. They fulminate like the tides but are calmer as you reach deeper into my heart. But the initial hurdles are hard to overcome and most people fail to do that. But those who reach the calm spread are retained forever.

Sometimes I wonder, if travelling to Goa is so much fulfilling how about staying in Goa. It is my dream, like many others’ to own a beach side house in the lap of nature and the roaring of the mighty sea. With these dreams in my eyes I came across a great site (www.goavillaestate.com) on the internet where you can locate that dream property of yours in Goa. Goavillaestate.com is a brokerage company and provides their clients, everything they need to know about those dreamy villas.

They have much to offer, ranging from luxury to peace. So what are you waiting for, go to the links below and buy/rent your prized accommodation.

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Keep travelling, keep dreaming and keep creating memories!

The pictures are from my personal albums!


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