Common can be uncommon! Part 3

“Always dress like you are going to see your worst enemy”

By Kimora Lee Simons

Hello friends,

Welcome back to my fashion page and thanks a ton for returning!! This will be my third post in the ‘Common can be Uncommon’ series, where I am using a very basic blue jeans to create unconventional, stylish yet doable looks.

Although we associate jeans to western wear, which I am sure it is, but its versatility makes it comfortable partners to Indian kurtas/kurtis of varied lengths and style. I believe a lot can be done in this genre if we try to be a little more experimental, that’s because Indian clothes are melting pots for diversities. From colour, to motifs, to stitches, to texture…there can a lot to play with.

In this post I have teamed two of my most worn kurtis with the jeans and have tried to be a little experimental with the accessories and look. Hope you like it.

Look 1

DRESS DETAILS: I am wearing a long, indigo printed, Anarkali kurta from Ajio and have teamed it with my same old jeans. This kurta fascinates me largely because the indigo print is beautiful and to break the monotony of blue, it has red piping and red cloth covered buttons. It is also front open and hence can be used as shrug. I am wearing Ajio sandals, which are also my favourite. I have left few buttons open towards the lower end of the kurta, to give some deserved exposure to the jeans. The high point of this ensemble is my neckpiece from Jaypore. Any simple clothing can get a completely different dimension with this piece.

Look 2

DRESS DETAILS: In the 2nd look I have substituted the Anarkali Kurti with a straight one, again in the colour blue. The embroidered pockets of this one, makes it stand apart. I got this from Pantaloons. I am wearing Ajio heals and again my statement red necklace is from Jaypore. Although Jaypore jewellery is a little on the expensive side by the quality compensates. And I own a good number of them, especially statement neckpieces.

FACE DETAILS: I am not good with my makeup, so as usual I have not done much with that. Of course my favorite 'Almond Pink' lip color from Maybelline, continues to be my companion. But what makes these looks stand apart from my other ones, is the big, round red/black bindi. Now wearing these can be tricky and stick to the size that suits your face type and personality. In fact even positioning the bindi can become a statement, I prefer to put it a little above the normal location. Try it out.

This one is special as I have my first novel 'INTROSPECTION' in my hand. In case you want to check it out in Amazon, I will be including the link at the end of this post.

A piece of cloth is common, but it becomes uncommon as soon as you embrace it with love and make it your own. Be experimental with your clothes this season, let your common clothes be uncommon.

Hope you liked reading my post, and do not forget to let me know in the comment section below, what you think of the attires I have created for you. I urge you to try some, if you haven’t already.

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Stay happy, stay beautiful!!

Picture courtesy: Avishek Sengupta, my husband

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