BOOK REVIEW: Starting A Successful Blog

My blogging frequency has reduced substantially in the recent past, given to my health issues and some family problems. However once a narrator, always a narrator! Especially when something worthy comes your way, your zest to share with the world takes over your weaknesses. Hence here I am reviewing a book written by friend.

THE AUTHOR : Dr. Amrita Misra

About the Author: Before going to the book, I wanted to talk about my friend. DR. AMRITA MISRA, as the name suggests is a medical practitioner by profession, she is also a mommy and a super enthusiastic blogger. In this world stacked with negative and judgemental people, although I haven’t met Amrita face to face, I can sense her positive attitude towards life. She is extremely helpful to her fellow bloggers and wants to give back to the blogging community. I met her virtually during my participation in the ‘Super Blogger Challenge 2018’ which she was co-hosting along with another talented narrator. During the course of the challenge she taught us many blogging hacks and helped each of us to evolve. Her communication is emphatic and builds hopefulness.


About the Book: With the same empathy she has written the book “STARTING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG”. Frankly I am not the best reader for nonfiction, since I get bored very easily if there are no tangible characters around to connect. However this book is different and I knew it from the word ‘go’. A reader will read this book to evolve as a blogger. Amrita has written the book to facilitate bloggers with the kind of guidance she didn’t receive when she had started off.

In the beginning of the book, she has listed the reasons why everyone should blog and I resonated with the points personally. I feel that my blog is my personal diary and is a reflection of my soul, and it is needless to mention ‘writing has been therapeutic for me’.

She has touched upon all important facts, starting from how to write, what to write, target audience and she has also clarified SEO related ambiguities. I actually feel, that it’s very difficult to find books with the amount of information and personal guidance that this book provides to the blogging world.

She has also included a special segment for moms, who are super busy with their little ones; at the same time aspire to be successful bloggers. The section has ‘easy SEO tips for moms’.

Amrita mentions the huge impact of reading in the life of narrators and bloggers, which I too think is of paramount importance. My personal journey also includes blogging to authoring my first novel, and I have experienced how reading enriches the vocabulary and also your mindset as a writer.

Summing it up all, I want to congratulate Amrita for her commendable endeavours to contribute to the blogging community. Undoubtedly “STARTING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG” is a must have for that aspiring or even bloggers like me to up their game in the blogging world. The book is laden with information which can help leave a footprint as a blogger and it completely depends on the reader on how he/she processes the information and utilises it.

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