BOOK REVIEW-7 Blogging Challenges for a successful blog

If you are a blogger or an aspiring one, you will appreciate the importance of social media exposure. However it’s difficult to fight the battle, if you are striving alone. The blogging community is a closed one and it’s essential to be included in that group to make a difference. One great way of percolating into these groups is by participating in ‘Blogging Contests’.

As a person I am an introvert and although I have been blogging for a long time now, I hardly knew the wonderful community of bloggers. My first breakthrough happened when I joined the ‘Super Blogger Challenge 2018’. Besides extensively enriching me as a narrator/blogger, the contest gave the opportunity to interact with likeminded people of the blogger world. And as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, an inclusion into the community ensures handholding, evolution and creating impact with the positive influence of a group of people striving the same excellence.

But if you are an introvert like me or are new to the world, it is difficult to know about these contests at the right time.

My blogger friend Amrita has come up with the solution. She has written a book on the popular blogging contests, it’s called ‘7 BLOGGING CHALLENGES FOR A SUCCESSFUL BLOG’.


About the Author: Before going to the book, I wanted to talk about my friend. DR. AMRITA MISRA, as the name suggests is a medical practitioner by profession, she is also a mommy and a super enthusiastic blogger. In this world stacked with negative and judgemental people, although I haven’t met Amrita face to face, I can sense her positive attitude towards life. She is extremely helpful to her fellow bloggers and wants to give back to the blogging community. I met her virtually during my participation in the ‘Super Blogger Challenge 2018’ which she was co-hosting along with another talented narrator. During the course of the challenge she taught us many blogging hacks and helped each of us to evolve. Her communication is emphatic and builds hopefulness.

About the Book: The book starts off with an insight on the utility of participating in blogging contests, which I think is of utmost importance. I have experienced myself, how much these endeavours enrich the narrative quotient, along with extensive networking opportunities.

In the book she has discussed, the following contests;

  1. Half Marathon daily Chatter

  2. My friend Alexa

  3. Daily Chatter 30 days

  4. Ultimate Blogging Challenge

  5. A to Z with Blogchatter

  6. Blogchatter Ebooks

  7. Super Blogger Challenge

For each of the above she has vividly described the procedure of participation, tasks to be undertaken and how these add to your blogging umbrella.

I believe it is difficult to get an alternative to this book, and I urge all bloggers to get one copy if they want to be significant contributors to the blogger world and beyond.

Summing it up all, it is a book filled with valuable information and putting that to use will obviously be of individual choice. I applaud Amrita for her zeal to contribute to the community and help it grow and out grow in totality. The internet and too much but too less space, and it’s on us how we use our individual niche to contribute to ourselves and the society as a whole. I would again request my readers to get a copy and start participating in these contests and feel the difference yourself.

Get a copy for yourself by clicking on the link below:



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