Common can be uncommon! Part 2

Hello friends,

Welcome back to my fashion page and thanks a ton for returning!! It’s been really long since I invested in writing on this page. And there are multiple reasons for the absence, wasn’t keeping well, couldn’t get the right pictures etc. But as they say, better late than never, so here I am jotting my second post on ‘Common can be uncommon’.

"If you know who you are, you create who you are"

-- Patricia Field

In this pandemonium of social (read fake) relationships at times we lose ourselves and our essence. But remember to look good, you must feel good. So firstly rid yourself of negative company, hold on to yourself and your confidence and evolve as your best version. Makeup or gaudy clothes can’t camouflage darkness for long.

Since I am an inherent fashion enthusiast, I keep a track of the fashion vloggers around. They are extremely creative and have wonderful taste. However few things struck me;

  • They are not above 25, and I believe fashion kind of evolves with age.

  • They are all very lean, so what about the bigger chunk of the population, who can only aspire to but not wear those clothes.

  • Most of the clothes won’t be comfortable, especially if we need to commute in highly crowded public transports.

Hence, I want to focus on more wearable, comfortable yet up in the fashion radar attires.

Using the same pair of jeans as in the previous post (Common can be uncommon Part 1) and one light salmon pink slip, I have created three looks.

Look 1:

Dress details: Denim on denim is an undisputed winner, so never shy away from this combination. I prefer to fold my jeans, which is slightly ripped and paired it with light brown Ajio heels. If you want to be a little more edgy wear an anklet. I have left the buttons of my denim jacket open and partially tucked in the slip for that easy breezy feel.

Look 2:

Dress details: Haven’t changed much, just my denim jacket is swapped with a grey shrug. To add a little drama, I have put on a black beaded choker and red heels from Forever21. Well, I must warn you that these shoes are super uncomfortable and not recommended. However, you can choose any colourful pointed Toe heels.

Look 3:

Dress details: This look is my favourite, mostly for the enhanced comfort level. I have replaced the shrug with a long front open asymmetrical, b/w chequered top from Vero Moda. I have again left the buttons open and this time I chose my super comfortable Allen Solly loafers.

Amongst the many fashion trends emerging these days, I find shrugs, kimonos and long jackets the most attractive ones. Trust me; get some of these and up your fashion game without much effort.

Face details: Unfortunately I haven’t done any makeup. Just my favourite nude lip colour ‘Almond Pink’ from Maybelline, does the magic.

I hope the post justifies its title. Just don’t forget to admire yourself and say ‘I may appear common to you...but remember common can be uncommon too’.

Hope you liked reading my post, and do not forget to let me know in the comment section below, what you think of the attires I have created for you. I urge you to try some, if you haven’t already.

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Stay happy, stay beautiful!!

Picture courtesy: Aloka Chakrabarty, my mom


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