Revisiting Goa

Candolim Beach

“The air struck me with a pinch of salt and blew past my face, completely messing up my long traces. When the struggle with my hair was complete, my eyes lighted up with a vision. The sight of the roaring sea, literally roaring. The tides could be easily addressed as mavericks and looked scary yet strangely attractive. I looked at it from the balcony and wished to touch its might. The low looming grey and swelling sea, sent a chill down my spine, I knew it would be a worthy vacay”

We started with twinkling eyes

It was our fifth visit to the tropical paradise of Goa and strangely we find a unique trait of the place each time. The specialty of this trip was witnessing its beauty in the rainy season and I must confess it was breathtaking and relaxing to the core.

A rejuvenating swimming session

We were five of us, four adults and an infant. So it was of utmost importance that the little one gets the best. Hence selecting the resort was a tough job, as we needed a child friendly environment and cooperative staff. After going through numerous options we narrowed down to ‘Santana Beach Resort’. My husband and I had been to Santana in 2012 December and our experience was cherish-worthy. So we were confident that our friends Nilesh and Shalaka and more importantly their little baby boy would have a great and comfortable stay.

Refreshing poolside tales

The resort is located right on Candolim beach in North Goa. You can walk straight to the beach and join the pandemonium of the incessant waves and drown in its menacing rhythm. It is also economic compared to the 5 star properties, although in peak season this place has very high demand and the price increases significantly. But the best part of Santana is its home like ambiance and extremely helpful and friendly staff. They readily custom made the food for the baby and it tasted great. In fact the food overall was super awesome, with ‘prawn recheado’ being our favorite. Overall it is highly recommended, if you enjoy some extra space, a beautiful balcony and great food, and especially if you have a toddler with you.

Take a walk to the sea

In our last trip to Goa, we had explored many eateries of South Goa and this time we invaded some great places of North Goa. Souza Lobo, Fisherman’s Cove, Britto’s and St Anthony’s beach shack. I will review each of them in my posts to come.

Outside Souza Lobo

We also visited Fort Aguada and it looked mesmerizing dipped in rain, overlooking the beauty of the Arabian Ecstasy.

On our way to Aguada Fort

View from Aguada Fort

Every morning after breakfast we would walk to Candolim beach. This was a rough shore and the life guards were very strict. Tides were high and mighty and approached frighteningly. But there was an unsung beauty about the place. Contradicting, the generally overcrowded and overwhelming Baga and Calangute beaches, were alluring and the water was mellow. Adequate population, music and great food, made our evenings relaxed, laid-back and fulfilling.

Great company and the innocent presence of the little one, made this trip a very special one.

So if you are planning to visit Goa during monsoon, here is a set of advantages and disadvantages you might like to consider.


  1. Hotels are more economical.

  2. Crowd is less but adequate in North Goa, South Goa is more secluded.

  3. If it is not pouring like cats and dogs, it is the best time to explore Goa, as the weather is cool and the greenery is absolute treat to the eyes.

  4. Some of the beaches are rough but not all. So you will not completely miss out your sea time.

  5. If you are a seeker for peace, winters will be too crowded and summers far too hot for relaxation. So rainy season is a great choice for you.


  1. Water sports are stopped during this season for safety.

  2. Many shacks including Calamari, my favorite, remain closed. But the good news is you still have many, which are open.

  3. The life guards won’t allow to go into the sea, as in other seasons because of strong current.

Travelling makes my life worthy, standing in front of the wide expanse of the raging sea, I realize how insignificant I am, my insecurities and my hatred. I also internalized that although my entity is meager but the might of my emotions are not. They fulminate like the tides but is calmer as you reach deeper into my heart. But the initial hurdles are hard to overcome and most people fail to do that. But those who reach the calm spread are retained forever.

Keep travelling as much your means allow you to and try to imbibe some uniqueness from the culture.

Wonderful company makes travelling worthy

pics courtesy : Nilesh Dighe, Avishek Sengupta


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