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Realization can be a painful thing

But it is imperative too

You have to comprehend the world around

You have to recognize your friend and foe

This world is of numerous possibilities

But this world is of despondency too

Creativity and negativity cannot coexist

Hence have only goodness to surround you

Value the people who cherish your company

And celebrate you for the person you are

Don’t waste time judging their intentions

The moments once gone will never return

A touch that soothes, a voice that heals

A care that never fades

The one who stands by in the maddening race

It is the companionship without any pretentious shades

Stay away from intoxicating facades

Stay away from the hearts that judge

You are not born to please their whims

You are not born to drudge

Give the world a fair chance to prove

Be efficacious to their pain and woe

But do not let them cherish on your sighs

Do not let them leverage your sorrow

Be the friend to long for

The wife, the daughter to cherish

But never try to alter your virtues

Never try to fit in

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