Common can be uncommon! Part 1

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"Style is a way to say, who you are without having to speak"

-- Rachel Zoe

Do you believe in the above statement? Is styling yourself important to you? Well, for me style has always meant being comfortable. I don’t have the best body and I style myself according to that. I feel that is what ‘style’ is, not always trying to mould yourself as per pre-set norms, but trying to invent a way to make yourself your best version.

What say?

The picture that I will decrypt today, is the one shown below. In fact in my few blog posts to follow, I will try to do different looks with the same pair of jeans. Well, here I want to confess that this idea is not my original, I have seen numerous bloggers do this. But still why I chose this, is because most of those fashionistas have great bodies, at least the pictures say so. So I wanted to make it more real.

Dress details: In this era of crop tops, I thought of wearing a long one. My husband got this top for me from US and I love the colour. I paired it with my most common blue demins, with few mandatory patches. I folded it up to my ankle, although mostly because of the rain but also using that factor to style my look. I wore my new black Titan watch, which is also a gift from hubby and of course my beloved Steve Madden golden pumps.

Face details: Since it was birthday party, I did a little make up. And as my clothes were light coloured, I put up a bold red pout, of course I adulterated the redness with some nude. For my face, I applied base and then used ‘Mac Studio Fix contour power’ and added some shine to my cheeks with ‘Wet n Wild megaglo highlighting power’. I put some eye liner and mascara to complete my look. For my long traces, I left them open to dance with the monsoon wind.

Remember, when you wear subtle colours, wear more dramatic make up, but do not overdo if already the attire is gaudy. It’s important to balance and keep your elegance intact. Never forget, even the most common dress can be made uncommon with the correct attitude!

Hope you liked reading my post, and do not forget to let me know in the comment section below, what you think of my dressing.

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Stay happy, stay beautiful!!

Picture courtesy: Avishek Sengupta


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