Salaam Noni Appa - Review

The theatrical adaptation of a short story from Twinkle Khanna’s bestselling novel ‘The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad’, ‘Salaam Noni Appa’ is the tale of an elderly woman, who finds, or rather admits to find lost love in the twilight of her life.

Noni Appa, played by the beautiful and compelling actor Lilette Dubey, is an apparently happy looking widow in her late 50s or early 60s. However, a deeper look into her inside exposes her lonely heart. Noni’s sister Binny, played by the effervescent Jayati Bhatia, is vivacious and full of life. She keeps skipping from one hobby to the other, to break the monotone of daily life and living. While Binny is fun, Noni is graceful, they complement each other’s life. This play is about them and their takes on life.

Noni is cautious in conducting herself in public, she wants to maintain the image of elegance and righteousness, while Binny is effortlessly herself, unapologetic. With these striking dissimilarities and syncing togetherness, life moved on. We also get to know that, Noni’s daughter, who stays outside India had a breakup, and while Binny is enthusiastic to get her niece married, Noni wants to give her daughter that space and peace to come to a decision.

‘Salaam Noni Appa’ is more than what evidently meets your senses, it is about liberal woman trying to suit their whims within the said and unsaid norms of the Indian society. It is a comedy which subtly mixes progressiveness and enlightenment.

Noni Appa finds love in a yoga teacher, played by Yatin Karyekar, at a junction of her life, when the society doesn’t expect you to. She is ridiculed and cursed, for manipulating a younger man, who happens to be married too. However Anand ji is in an unhappy marriage, with a loud, dominating and enforcing woman. So probably Noni and him, both permeate into each other’s loner heart and reinforce peace.

I loved the subject and the execution tonality. The hue of comedy is wisely used to render socially relevant messages. Although the story line was ordinary, but power packed acting and humour made ‘Salaam Noni Appa’ a good watch. I will specially mention Jayati Bhatia and Rishi Khurana (the watchman cum servant) for their glorious comic timing. Of course Lilette Dubey and Yatin Karyekar were absolute treats to watch.

I will give 3.5/5.


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