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Hello friends,

Welcome back to my fashion page and thanks a ton for returning!!

"People will stare. Make it worth their while"

-- Harry Winston

While I was reading some quotes on style and fashion, this quote intrigued me. It is kind of edgy and fun. Being the person I am, some comprehend my traits as diplomacy, and some think I am too sweet to be true. But the reality is, I just try not to hurt the people around me, in fact, the apathy around bewilders me at times. Hence today I unwaveringly decided to discard my ‘miss goody two shoes’ side, and be that unapologetic, imperfect brat. What say? Well, just with my look today, otherwise I won’t change for the world.

The look that I will decrypt today is the one shown in the photograph below:

Dress details: I am wearing that same basic white palazzo pants that I used in my last look and paired it with black slips. Actually I love the ensemble this way; it’s simple, yet absolutely stylish. But if like me, you are not too comfortable going out in slips, a basic denim jacket will bestow that dimension of mental congeniality. Completely your choice! You can carry a floral printed sling bag (mine is from Forever21) like me and wear some funky colourful sandal. The one that I am wearing is from Ajio, and believe me it’s to die for. Many simple types of attire can get that needed oomph with this one and I wear it so often, that it’s quite worn out now.

Face details: Well, again going back to my normal self, I have no make on. Just that irresistible red pout does the trick. Here I have also tried to experiment with my hair, by wearing a cool hair band. Don’t forget to pull out some strands in the front side for that super stylish touch. And of course that nerdy spectacle, which I borrowed from my hubby, makes my look more edgy.

Hope you liked reading my post, and do not forget to let me know in the comment section below, what you think of my experimental dressing.

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Stay happy, stay beautiful!!

All pictures courtesy: Aloka Chakrabarty (my dearest mommy)


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