A simple dress can also make a statement #experimentaldressing

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"Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions"

By Coco Chanel

The above statement is the absolute reality for my kind of fashion. I believe clothes, accessories and make-up come together to construct that perfect look, only when they are used in the correct proportions. Over or under indulgence can lead to a fashion faux pas. Although there can be difference of opinion and some might be endorsers of loud looks, while some are extremely subtle. But again there is no right or wrong, and it’s important for all of us to appreciate our whim, unbiased by the trends as much as possible and identify our kind of fashion, that suits our body type and personality. And once you know what makes you, your best version, you can be synonymous to confidence.

Today’s post is about converting the simplest ensemble into a statement look. At least I will try and would appreciate if you could give suggestions of doing it better, in the comment section below.

The look that I will decrypt today is the one shown in the photograph below:

Dress details: As I mentioned above, this post is about simple clothes, and how a glam touch can be added to them. So I chose a white palazzo pant and a pretty cotton crop top in peach. The dress looks adorable without any artistry, however keeping up with the spirit of this post, I give it a twist with my unconventional hairdo and junk jewellery.

I have put some gel and smoothened my hair. Then I have neatly centre parted it and made a low but tight ponytail, if I may say so, with the kind of length I have. I have accessorised my look with two statement neckpieces, one red and another black. These heavy and artistic pieces can add new dimensions to any clothing under the sky. Not to forget my gold, glittery pump shoes from none other than Steve madden. These add that deserved glow to the entire ensemble.

Face details: For this look, I have done a little make up. After applying a base, I have contoured my cheekbone using Mac studio fix contour powder and added a little blush for that dewy appearance. I have ‘The nudes’ palette from Maybelline and used the black and brown shades for my eye shadow, followed with thik illustrious black eye lining. I have used ‘Powdermattes by Colorsensational Maybelline’ for my lips, the shade is Almond pink. I love the combination of blackened eyes and nude lips, it gives just the right amount of drama, elegance and subtleness.

Hope you liked reading my post, and do not forget to let me know in the comment section below, what you think of my experimental dressing.

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Stay happy, stay beautiful!!

All pictures courtesy: Aloka Chakrabarty (my dearest mommy)


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