Veere Di Wedding #thelatereview

Firstly congratulation to 'Veere Di wedding' ensemble cast and creators for reaching the celebrated '100 Crore club'.

I had seen the movie some time back, but didn't get a chance to give my personalised review, completely unbiased of what others have to say.

So here it goes...

'Veere di Wedding' is undoubtedly a visual treat. Beautiful women clad in chic attires, Delhi Wedding exuberance and over the top surroundings, not to forget the indulgent vacation fashion. Overall you will definitely get away with some dressy tips for that upcoming cousin's wedding, and even if you are planning a beach vacation with your loved ones. For my personal taste for fashion, I loved Kareena Kapoor's statement the most. Those demins, easy-breezy dresses, flowy shrugs and nude make-up, I was really fascinated.

Now coming to the story, which I believe is the backbone of any movie, this film falls short, at least with the expectations I had from it. No, not that every story has to be the reality of the masses nor is it essential for that intellectual touch each time. But I felt that the characters were grossly undercooked without allowing the audience, to really form an opinion about them. Also, I was upset with the absolute predictability of the story line. Frankly there is nothing new that is freshly brewed for this movie. Additionally, I feel that every story, movie or literary piece has a genre, this one has none. It takes off on the humor quotient and hence the first half is enjoyable but soon unwanted family melodrama and overemotional scenes take away the charm of a comedy movie. I really got bored in the second half.

The acting is good and Swara Bhaskar takes away the credit with her edgy fashion and heady attitude. Sikha Talsania is a natural. Kareena doesn't really need to prove herself any more; she is undoubtedly a wonderful actress and does best in the operating window. I am not a fan of Sonam Kapoor's acting, especially her dialogue delivery style, however she is natural in the movie. But there is no real chemistry between the four of them. While, it's fine to portary that women can drink, smoke and abuse, just like men. But women are more emotional and that bond is completely missed out. Unfortunately role-reversal is not what we aspire, and probably that's not even equality.

In totally, I was a bit disappointed with this 'not a chick flick', and wished the creators had spent more time cooking the story on slow heat. This had more potential but the opportunity was not fully utilised. I will give a 2.5/5.


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