The Majestic Blues of Pangong Tso

The crimson rays of the sun embraced the sky and spread its beauty all over the crystal clear water of the Pangong Tso. The sky like a proud prima-donna looked down and was mysteriously admiring her own alluring image in the water, while I stood speechlessly trying to figure out what I was actually feeling with the Majestic Blues in front of me.

Nature can actually bring out the sleeping artist in anybody and the same syndrome struck me hard. However when I decided to pen down my incredible experience, I understood how toil demanding it was to describe the enchantress in ‘Pangong Lake’.

Walking down the thoroughfare of my buzzing memory lane, I remember the time when I and my husband Avishek, were deliberating over the holiday destination. The first name that came to my mind was Maldives. It is worth mentioning, that my strange attraction towards the vast, blue sea had impacted my mind verily. Also during my debut rendezvous with Goa, I had the opportunity of meeting a resplendent couple from Sweden. They were there to commemorate 26 years of their togetherness. It was they, who had mentioned the crystal clear waters of Maldives to me.

However, my husband was adamant about witnessing the cold deserts of Leh Ladakh. Needless to say, after long discussion (read argument) I kind of unwilling accepted his travel proposal. No doubt, he is good with his marketing skills.

My curious self, sprang to life after few days of mild malign. I started going through the mesmerising pictures on Leh Ladakh on the internet.

Days passed and the long awaited vacation finally started. Ladakh was the most beautiful and soulful answer to the question, “Why we believe India to be incredible?” From intriguing monasteries, to rocky, snow-capped mountain ranges and lush green valleys, Ladakh has it all that takes to quench the thirst of a wandering traveller.

It’s really hard to believe, that there can be a place where snow-capped mountains surrounds sandy deserts with double hoofed camels going around.

But the best was yet to come, the icing to the yummy cake.

​​​It was a long and memorable journey to the incredible blues. It

started very early in the morning, pulling ourselves out of the warm quilt was quite an effort. Our journey started after a light breakfast and a steaming cup of coffee, for that extra dose of energy.

It was the second last day of our vacation, the atmosphere in the car was strange.

The feeling of coming to the end of this beautiful journey was

creating a void inside on the other hand, expectation and excitement for beholding the incredible was building in us.

The route too had a lot to offer to us as tourists. As we drove past the city of Leh, we could see the white Shanti Stupa and the red monasteries behind us.

Soon the topography changed and we were surrounded by huge

rocks in varied shades of grey, black and even blue, green. We gazed amazed at the nature around us, speechless and spellbound.

The visual of “some black horses running around with the exotic backdrop of alluring grey” has stuck with me.


We were six of us in the car, excluding our driver ‘Phunsuk’. Our gang really got along very well during the vacation, for we were destined to be great friends in future.

We had a doctor couple from Mumbai, an IT/marketing couple from Pune and we two are chemical engineers. Although from different professions and backgrounds, we had two things in common. One, we were fun loving and two, we were ardent admirers of nature.


Suddenly a royal blue patch in the grey mountains attracted my

attention , and our driver pointed out shouting "Pangong Tso" in Tibetan language.

My heart almost came to my mouth, my majestic blues have arrived. As the car got nearer to the lake, the vision that struck us, was out of the world.

A crystal clear stretch of blue water lay in front of us, it was almost still. Surrounded by the rocky snow-capped Himalayan Range was Pangong Lake, situated 4,350 mts above sea level.

It was one of its kind; the chilled mountain breeze created ripples

through the water body, while rays of the sun fell on it creating a spellbinding colour effect. Even the most unromantic person in the world, would dream to romance the incredible hues of nature.

We just couldn't stop clicking pictures, but alas none could do justice to the real beauty of the place.

The most freakish thing was the changing colour of the lake to

various hues of blue and green with the position of the sun. As the day progressed magnificently, expectantly the sky changed colour. As if the mighty queen, was having mood swings and with every change in air, she would stop to admire herself in the mirror of water.


The picture of my majestic blues will forever remain etched in my mind, my soul never felt so free ever.

Ladakh is a place, which is worth visiting, its beauty actually cannotbe described in words but should be felt deep within. So if you are a nature lover, go ahead, feel ‘Leh Ladakh’ and my ‘Majestic Blues’.

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Created by: Aritra


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