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Our society is impregnated with many taboos or superstitions, and a lot of them revolve around women. In our nation women fast for the long life of their husbands and well-being of their children. Putting vermilion or wearing some kind of signature, to demonstrate marital status is not only common, but a fashion statement as well. I won’t lie, I had enjoyed putting vermilion and wearing the typical ‘Sankha Pola’ for some time after marriage, I felt it created that fresh bride aura which is intoxicating. However, deeper thoughts makes me think otherwise, yet I would love to leave these aspects to the choice of women. It is fine as long as it is not enforced.

But there are bigger concerns. Even today menstruation is seen as a bad omen and women are subjected to varying physical and emotional austerities during those days.

Both rural and urban areas suffer from superstitious beliefs connected to menstruation. In a society where motherhood represents epitome of sanctity, isn’t it quite an oxymoron to blacklist this natural process of menstruation which is inevitable? Progress is not just high risers and newer, evolving technologies, breakthrough happens only with moral enrichment, and getting rid of superstitions is inevitable for that.

Have you heard of “Chhaupadi” practice? This is an inhuman taboo, practiced in the western parts of Nepal wherein women during menstruation have to live in makeshift huts, as they are considered impure. They are denied of proper food or living facilities, and this practice has claimed many young lives.

Even in modern cities, many families refrain from allowing women to the kitchen etc. They are not allowed to pay homage.

But why? When something is natural why so much pandemonium around its acceptance?

Five points I want my readers to remember:

  1. Get it brash and straight, menstruation is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Talk to children, both boys and girls about it and gradually allow the society to accept this natural and inevitable occurrence the way it should be.

  2. Women undergo some hormonal changes during their periods, which can lead to emotional turmoil, learn to deal with it. Remember she is bearing uneasiness, pain etc. yet doing all her assigned chores religiously.

  3. Menstruation can lead to fatigue and some women experience pain, so it’s important to maintain healthy diet.

  4. Menstrual Hygiene is of utmost importance. Every women is entitled to that and we all should try and work towards it. Good quality sanitary napkins should be economical and within the reach of all. Please understand, it’s a necessity and not luxury.

  5. After menstruation a women is more prone to urinary tract infections. Proper care must be taken and cranberry can be made a part of diet if possible.

“Let me grow

Let me grow

Let me touch the sky!

Don’t tie fetters of superstitions

Don’t tie chains of impositions

Let me grow

Let me grow

Let me touch the sky!”


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