Shamiana-A paradise for yummy deserts #restaurantreview

It's been quite some time, since I reviewed any restaurant. In fact this one is a really late review. I had visited Shamiana in February, but didn't get time to write about my experience. Anyways, as they say, better late than never and hence here I am, jotting down my rendezvous with the grandeur of yet another starred hotel.

Shamiana, is a restaurant in the famous, 'The Taj Mahal Hotel' in Colaba, Mumbai. So no points for guessing, that it extends to you a larger than life grandeur, which can be overwhelming but in a good way. The grand interior, the flowers and lavish furnishing creates a chic ambience for sure.

But a restaurant is about food and interiors can be attractive, but cannot be the sole reason for visiting an eatery. Shamiana with some brownie points for its decor, especially the corner given to us, which was decorated with liquor bottles of varied quality and origin, failed to impress when it came to pampering our taste buds. We had gone for an official lunch and were a mix of vegetarians and non-vegetarians, and we opted for ala carte.

The food was tasty but nothing different, hence a little disappointed. But wait, there is good news too, the deserts were really awesome and I can visit Shamiana again just for that caramel custard.

Overall, it was not an experience to droll over but Shamiana can be a onetime visit.


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