The breeze was harsh

But you towered as strong

Basking in the delectable sun

No stoop, no fall

The city mesmerised

Like a discerning prince

And you are that invaluable jewel

On his debonair crown

I am that traveller

With a secret romance with your honour

I am your Muse

And you are my Eiffel Tower

People come from countries far

To behold your aura

But you stand unfazed

Like a vintage Madeira

The tone of Paris

Alters with your levitation

The beauty is unparallel

No bound, no limitation

I am that traveller

Who desired to share the frame with you

So my beloved selfie holds me, my hubby

And you my Eiffel tower

- By Aritra Chakrabarty

This is the era of reaching out, and popularity is no longer the privilege of few. In the last four to five years, social networking has multiplied its impact on the society, enormously. It is not just a medium to connect. It is an ocean of varied opportunities and means of bread and butter to many. There are YouTube sensations, Instagram stars and of course there are famous bloggers, fighting with million other impressions to carve a niche for their content. It is a mad race, but an intriguing and creative one.

However, one aspect is of high significance and must be borne in mind. These mediums are largely visual and content that creates discernible impression has an edge over others.

Here I will cut the flow and divert the monologue a bit. Well, I was never a selfie addict and the overused selfie-mania had overwhelmed me at times. But I wanna whisper in your ears, ‘now the selfie culture has grown on me...and even that glorified pout.’ And why not? We cannot deny selfie signifies independence. A solo traveller can be a relevant and beautiful part of his/her travel diary, with a remember-worthy selfie experience. A YouTube professional can create illustriously creative content, being a part of his/her story by these revolutionary selfie cameras.

With newer, more advanced products like ‘Mobiistar’ coming in the market, the selfie experience will be like never before, promising more exotic content creation. After all, we all dream to be a part of the stories we weave, don’t we?

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Now coming to my most beloved selfie, well honestly it was like a treasure hunt, as my kitty is filled with precious moments, encrusted in selfies. But finally I picked one, which I have shared in the beginning of my narrative. And why it’s my favourite? Well, you already know if you have read the poem. But in case you haven’t, I will try to portray the thoughts that sublimed in my traveller heart when that selfie was captured. And I believe your heart will be in unison with mine.

I love travelling and witnessing the resplendence of Paris was like a dream metamorphosed to reality. Smile denied sparing my lips, although my jaw gave away at times. This particular selfie was captured after our heavenly ascent to Eiffel Tower top, experiencing hues of Paris like never before and then descending to the foot of the intimidating structure. And more significantly, the cherished memoir is embellished with the presence of my co-traveller, my friend, my partner in hubby, who completed the feel of the capture for me.

I am a dreamer, a story weaver and traveller, and no capture can narrate my tale better than ‘my most beloved selfie’.


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