My Tagore, My Emotions

Listen to this song, even if you do not understand the language enjoy the rhythm

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky”

-Rabindranath Tagore

If you are a Bengali or even remotely associated with Bengal, you will know the impact of Rabindranath Tagore and his impeccable creations on our lives. Our culture is incomplete without numerous mentions of this God of emotions. And today my fingers are trembling as I show the audacity to write a poetry reminiscing his presence in my life, on the benignant occasion of his birthday anniversary.

“There is a fragrance in the mundane air

Some dreams floating around

Rhythms to match my beating heart

You have an impact profound

I sit engrossed in superfluity of thoughts

Wondering how you touched all chord

Mourning of the saddened soul

Gaiety, sensitivity, even infirmity is in accord

Your chronicles commemorate the altering season

Your creations beckon for some mystic reason

There is denier peace and ruinous unease

And your creative genius knows no subsidence

But to me you are my emotion

To the most wrenching muddles, you are the solution

You inspire creativity, you evoke life

You are melancholy, romance, you are my resolution”

------By Aritra, for Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore on his birthday anniversary

Rabindranath Tagore is a part of the process of growing up as a Bengali. No occasion is complete without few poetries or songs from his elaborate conglomerate of creations. Rabindranath to us is an era, is a culture and a discrete definition of literature. His creations have not only blessed us with creative indulgence but a subtle sense of dignity and elegance. He is the pride of the state, country and the entire literary universe. This ‘Rabindrik’ culture is so deep rooted that it reflects in our festivities, day to day life, home décor and even fashion sense.

Tagore’s women characters are strong, intelligent, beautiful and many a times rebellious. There is a mystic charm about them, which is not skin deep. In an era when the society was intoxicated with lethal prejudices and inhuman practices, his mind had weaved stories far-fetched. Similarly his men characters are scholarly and broad minded. Tagore’s stories reflect his extreme intellect, remarkable vocabulary and unimagined depth of emotions, which at times can be difficult for the mass to internalise. But his lucidity establishes a heart to heart connection with his readers. Tagore is like a rhythm which resonates to your heart beat and unifies with it, to stay with you forever.

Everyone interprets Tagore in his/her own way and formulates an endearing demeanour. For me, he is my resonation. As a kid I have performed in numerous ‘Rabindra Nritya’ and ‘Rabindra Sangeet’ programs, and the memoirs are preserved with care. But as candles got added to my birthday cake, my participation reduced but imbibing increased. He is my inspiration for writing and emoting as a whole. He has been with me through my teenage romance, heartbreak to matured love.

When tears choke me and emotions are too dense to bear, I close my eyes and let the breeze from the open window caress my long traces. The hauntingly captivating melody of ‘Tabu Mone Rekho’ comes rolling to my ears and frees my spirit to embrace peace.

He is there when the sky is overcast ‘Mono Mor Meghero Songi’, he is there when there is asphyxiation ‘Hare re re re re, Amae chere dere dere’ and he is omnipresent even in my subconscious.

On the beautiful occasion of his birthday anniversary on 9th May, when Bengal will flow in nostalgia and euphoria celebrating Tagore, I will sit alone by the window on my 16th floor apartment in Mumbai and hum his songs.

“Shubo Janmadin KabiGuru

Laho Pronam”

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