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“The meadows were green, lush green. The flowerbeds complimented the backdrop of the snow capped mountains. The herds of sheep and the muscular horses, were enjoying their mid day meal. It was a vision to cherish. The tangible blue sky and the cottony clouds, the tranquil blueness of the lake, made my land look like heaven.

I was sitting behind the rock, and watching my cattle enjoy their food. I could see some familiar faces too. But there was an unfamiliar agony in their expressions and that pain was also mixed with trepidation. I gazed at them from a safe distance, they couldn’t see me. The dark shadow of the massive rock hid my little body in its lusty embrace. My eyes were sullen and the pinkness of my cheeks had disappeared. Marks of terror were omnipresent on my small frame. But I wasn’t in pain anymore. There was so much calm around. The nights of horror were finally over, I was a free soul...I was a SOUL”.

“Noor, noor,” shouted Amira. “Where are you?”

“What has happened Amira,” enquired Zayed.

“What else? Your pampered daughter is nowhere to be seen...this little menace is too tough to control,” complained Amira throwing her hands up in desperation. “Today, she has to taste my anger,” she added.

“And why do you want to control her?” he asked absentmindedly.

“Huh! Are you cracking some kind of a joke? She is just three and turns the whole house upside down. Some days I find her tearing my favourite magazine to pieces, and yelling ‘leaves, leaves’ and on other occasions she is diving into the dustbin to find food for the stray puppies...I just don’t know what to do with her imagination,” asserted Amira in despair.

“Let her fly, don’t curb her world with unwanted restrictions Amira...” ordered Zayed, a little sternly this time. But the tone hardly hit Amira; she was anxiously searching for her little bundle of joy.

“There she is,” Amira spotted Noor in the garden, playing with her favourite puppies. And in no time she marched out of the door, to grab her before she hurts herself.

Amira approached Noor with a list of grievances against her ‘why don’t you listen to me? Why do you always dirty yourself? These puppies can bite you, why do you play with them?’ But before she could utter a word, Noor looked at her with the most affectionate and vulnerable smile, that could melt the toughest of hearts.

Heaving a sigh, Amira ran to pick her up and cuddle her with all her love.

Time passed at lightning speed and like every toddler, Noor was growing beautifully. She was blessed with Kashmiri beauty, her black round eyes and pink cheeks were infectiously adorable. She was special, her knack towards art, imagination and her capacity to excel in studies, made her stand out. Zayed and Amira, enjoyed their parenthood.

But that morning was different. Unexpected grey clouds blocked the resplendence and a strange fear gripped Amira.

“Zayed, why is Noor so late today? Please…please go and check” she pleaded.

“C’mon Amira, she goes to play every day…don’t you know how much she loves the cattle and that little shepherd girl is her friend…they must be playing,” Zayed assured her, but mother’s heart was far from peace, she kept walking up and down the room. Until…that news came.

Noor was abducted and later killed. The little child was even raped. Some blamed it on her religion and some on the weak judiciary system. But that bright child, never smiled back to Amira and Zayed. Only a lifeless, scarred little body haunted the minds of a nation, plagued with crimes like foeticide, rape and abuse.

The above story is fictitious but not uncommon.

There are numerous Noors and Daminis subjected to criminal activity every day, every night. Newspapers buzz with ‘Rape of a three year old’ to ‘Eighty year old woman raped and murdered’. Now the question is ‘why this anarchy?’ ‘Where are we going wrong as a society?’

My take on this haunting ‘Rape culture’ that is overshadowing the strong cultural side of a nation that worships woman, as the symbol of strength and creation.

1.Avoid spreading news without proper research and knowledge

News like child trafficking, rape, abuse makes us emotional and also vulnerable to mistakes. I completely comprehend the anguish that boils inside the millions of Indian hearts, when cases like Damini or Asifa hit our nation. Yet my humble request is, NEVER put a comment, message on social media, without proper research. No evil should be propagated to an extent, that it becomes prime. Raise your voice, hold candle marches and appeal to the government bodies, but only when you know that whole story.

2. PLEASE! Do not associate these heinous crimes with religion

I am a Hindu and I respect my religion with all my heart. But my respect for Hinduism does not make me disrespectful or resentful towards other religions. I firmly believe that every religion is noble, the impregnation of evils, if any, are all man made. Politics uses it to divide and rule, to an extent that certain people commit heinous crimes like child rape for it.

Believe me its heart aching as a woman and as a human, to see people hidden behind the anonymity of IDs, attacking religions instead of attacking inhuman creatures, who commit these crimes. TIME TO RING THE MORAL BELL!!

3. A rapist is never innocent- Juvenile Law needs amendment.

The Juvenile law is to address crimes, which a person can commit when he/she is not matured enough to judge the implications. He/she is vulnerable and susceptible to manipulation. But rape and sexual abuse are crimes, which cannot be related to any kind of immaturity or innocence. A rapist can never be innocent and he needs to be punished, no mercy for juvenile rapists.

4. NO, NEVER Rape is not consensual

The attached video, will give you Goosebumps, and it is true for many parts of India, and in various socio-economic strata.

Clothes and behaviour, does not invite violators and rapists, it’s the disoriented criminal mind that does the crime. In our country, smoking cigarette, wearing short clothes and behaving independently, can be devastating for women, as these are considered prospective invites for rapists.

The trepidation has been there for generations, and hence we teach our daughters to be careful, instead of teaching our sons to respect womanhood and learn see beyond their bodies.

Change, will not come, if we as a society, do not stop pretending that rape in consensual and blame the victim. Each one of us, have to pledge to spread open-mindedness and contribute individually. Believe me, this RAPE CULTURE is everyone’s problem.

5. Stop commoditisation of womanhood

‘A woman is more than her body, she is not a commodity’ we may keep shrieking, but until the society as a whole believes and practices that, no change will come. Influential celebrities grooving to demeaning lyrics, actors endorsing fairness creams, women in office accepting favours on the basis of gender and women misusing law, the list is long.

As women we need to stand together and safe guard the dignity of all. When we fight for gender equality and women empowerment, we will have to make sacrifices too.


I am a free soul, I am a SOUL….I am NOOR…I have been traumatised, violated and tortured. NOW I WANT JUSTICE…I AM NOT JUST MY RELIGION OR MY BODY!


#JusticeforNoor #Justiceforall


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