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She sat looking at the birds playing in the balcony. “Sparrows” she murmured to herself. Spring had arrived and the flame tree had flowered in full bloom. The birds seemed to be happy for a reason unknown. “As if spring is anything different from summer here,” she talked to the sparrows, in an animated, discouraging tone.

Aaravi was a dreamer. Her heart was always coloured in hues of art and creativity. As a kid, the stage attracted her. She would be the first to participate in art activities and it is worth mentioning, she was good at it. I have seen her through thick and thin, and I literally mean it. As a child she was an obese, but as consciousness about her physicality struck her, she evolved and how. In her teens she was a vision, a perfect blend of art and culture. I am sure, numerous members of the opposite sex, would have killed to be a part of her life. But she loved Aaditya. Their souls resonated in unison. They were very similar, both sharing the same kind of inclination towards creativity.

Aaravi and Aaditya’s romance wasn’t much different from the stories we hear. They skipped classes and held each other in the solace of forbidden parks. Hormonal anomaly gets hold of you in teenage love, you do not judge, you just fall innocently and hopelessly in love, and so did they. Until one fine day, their families knew of it and pulled them apart.

I have seen Aaravi suffer in silence and hysteria. “You are too young to judge, do you know his family background? They are nowhere close to us...do you get it?” her mom would yell at her, I am not sure if she ever internalised her sayings, but she couldn’t fight for herself and Aaditya. Her parents put her in a different school and an artistic collaboration was subjugated forever, at least that’s the way, I look at it. The vanquishing choked her creative juices; she didn’t write poetries or participated in dance dramas anymore. I have no idea if her parents noticed her painful transformation, but I did, as always.

Aaravi and I are soul mates. We do not have anything to hide from each other. Time healed her wounds, and she moved on with her studies. With the kind of fascination she held for arts, I have no idea why she took up science for higher studies. Probably to torment her own self, for not being able to put up a fight for Aaditya, I do not know. She was maturing beautifully, I knew of the admiration she drew in college and later at workplace.

And then her parents searched for a good match for their ‘fair, beautiful, English medium educated, engineer and domesticated daughter’. The search wasn’t a long one, for obvious reasons.

Deep and Aaravi made a lovely couple. Good looking, smart and modern. After marriage, she left her job, to move to Delhi. Life was normal. Every day she got up early to cook for Deep, he didn’t like outside food. I wonder how he managed before marriage. Then after he was gone, she would start her religious job hunt spree, instruct the maid to do all household work proficiently and then sit at the corner of the balcony watching the sparrows. She would often talk to them. Honestly I don’t like her intimacy with those foolish, little birds. I have been her companion for long and I would rather not have any intruders in our relationship.

“So what are you nibbling at?” she asked one. “And why don’t you ever answer me?” After heaving a heavy sigh, she decided to ignore them and talk to me.

“Time passes, but my heart fails to prize my present. The lingering low, will it ever cease to frequent?” she said poetically. I didn’t reply but I was feeling gleeful within. Aaravi, my Aaravi has regained her rhythm again.

“Deep is a great guy,” she started. “He is caring, loving and absolutely giving. But his propensity differs from mine. He doesn’t comprehend my love for words or my craze for the dexterity of performing arts. I...I,” she fumbled, “I can’t blame him...but the cadence of my soul do not resonate with his...he is not my soul mate,” I know, it was the first time, she confessed and uprooted the deep seated insecurities, she was crying.

“I do not feel like myself. My soul is encrusted inside an unknown body. And who is to blame, the insensitivity or over protectiveness of my parents or my incapability?” she asked overflowing with tangible emotions. “And in this continuous struggle for existence, was it fair for him to appear from nowhere?” My senses were alert, was she talking about Aaditya?

“I saw him in the market that day. A mature looking, attractive male...no...he didn’t see me. But I did, tearing the dying remains of my inner being to pieces...he walked away, unfazed,” she wept painfully.

“I didn’t want to see him, ever again. I know...I know... I love Deep. Then why do these goddamn tears do not stop flowing?” she vehemently searched for inner calm. And finally she did,

“I have lost my breath, I have lost my word.

I have lost my zeal to create

I have lost that me, I have lost that you

I just wait for the pain to palliate”

“But you know what? I have got my words back....I can write again,” the tears were of gaiety this time. “Relationships are not just normal, good and great, they are creative alliance, tying up of souls. The words have returned to me, with a hope of establishing that collaboration with...with Deep. I am sure he won’t disappoint,” with this she kept the pen down, and ran to open the door. Probably, Deep was back.

I don’t know, when she will return to me. But ours is a soul bond, so she will...I know. I AM AARAVI’S DAIRY.

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