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The story goes back to the time, when I was doing my chemistry honours in Kolkata. One evening when I was standing near the Metro Station, a young girl had attracted my attention. She was hardly fifteen or sixteen, wearing a revealing, black, lacy dress; she stood with a heavily pancaked, poker face. I was looking at her with disgust, silently condemning her hideous dressing sense, when a friend whispered in my ears, “she is a prostitute.” After sparing another questioning glance, I walked passed her, never to see her again. I confess, my feeling for that young girl that day, was nothing but disdain. But many years later, today when I have evolved as a less judgemental and more open minded person, I realise my mistake.

Some Facts about prostitution:

1. Prostitution is euphemistically referred to as ‘the world’s oldest profession’, Wikipedia says that the annual revenue generated worldwide is more than 100 billion dollars…can you believe it? Not only that, there are more than 40 million prostitutes in the world, and that’s just for the records. The legal status however changes from nation to nation, or even region to region

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2. In India, prostitution in brothels or hotels, child prostitution, pimping, pandering, are illegal. Hence you must have envisaged that they are non existing entities, and they don’t have any authorized identity proofs. Sad but true, crimes against sex workers, mostly goes neglected because they are just shadows without any concrete actuality in the eyes of law.

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3. Every hour around four girls come into prostitution in India, three of them against their will. Trafficking and forced prostitution is the reality of our society. These girls are consumers without any rights. There are more than 3 million sex workers in our country being deprived of medication, education, basic rights and above all identity. Ironically our country progresses in a lightning speed, leaving them in the destitution that they have always been in.

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4. Right from the Devdasi to the modern day workers, flesh trade had always been known to all, but acknowledged by none. Don’t you feel it is sheer hypocrisy, just like my ignorant disdain laden reaction to that young girl that evening?

A society is a complex conglomerate of varied religions, communities and views. But evolution happens, not with growing economy but with accelerating morals. Today in the modern society, we talk of empowerment of women and elimination of gender discrimination. But this prejudice is deep ingrained, and just heavy duty proclamations will not make our society an enlightened one.

According to me, enlightenment starts from elimination of judgmental attitude. And as they say, charity begins at home; I have made a conscious effort to refrain from judging the book by the look of its cover. A glare wearing, modern girl might be hiding her sad, fluffy eyes---we do not know. And a fifteen year old sex worker, in an audaciously provocative dress, might be undergoing the worst kind of trauma, in letting the world exploit her vulnerabilities---WE DO NOT KNOW.

I believe if the divine power, has bestowed us with a good life, we must acknowledge the privilege that we have and contribute to the society in whatever ways we can. My book ‘Introspection’ and my blogs on social issues are my humble efforts to contribute and I have bigger plans.

This post is dedicated to that young girl and my guilt for judging her by her exterior that evening. My subtle way to apologize to her and to all girls who are enduring the fangs of demean every day and leading a miserable life in destitution. I am not powerful enough to help them directly, but at least can start a word of acceptance for them.

Their lives are devoid of wellbeing and their souls devoid of a soothing touch. So let us vow, to prevent ourselves from saying or thinking negatively about these living ghosts, who are leading lives devoid of identity. After all, what lies beneath those deceptive layers of makeup---WE DO NOT KNOW.

I do not know who you are

I do not recognize your voice

So I would never know when you shriek

I would never know that it’s not your choice

Your eyes tell a tale

Of disdain and pain

But I do not discern the expression

For the tears are hidden in the rain

Your lips are red

And they terrible with fear

The color conceals the pale

But I will never know, as I refrain from getting near

Your childhood is dark

And adolescence darker

There are no books or dolls to share

With no embrace of love and caress of care

I live my life is comfort and warmth

You are not a part of my brand

Until one day I connect to your woes

And promise never to judge from the luxuries of my fairyland

----by Aritra

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