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Why do you love the world?

By Lufthansa

The glitzy US downtown

With bustling hue of life

Waves its hand and summons my soul

Says it’s time to jive.

And how about Panache and Paris

Don’t they make a lovely pair?

Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum and Champs Elysees

Will etch your holiday with moments rare.

The snow-capped Alps and the fiendish wind

Landscape lined with cedar and fir

Never miss Grandpa’s old chalet

And the cat by the chapel, did you hear it purr?

The mavericks strong, deserts with their sandy hue

Let the horizons blur, the seas and the enormous blue

Life is too short, with a lot to regard

Go around the world, and let your whims brew.

----By Aritra

Travelling is one of the most fulfilling means of finding identity. It exposes you to the world, etched with spellbinding natural beauty and astonishing diversity in culture. I believe travelling is much more than relaxation. In fact, it is an integral part of constructing a society, free of preconceived notions and ingrained conjectures. It helps develop perspective and gives a sense of unity in diversity.

As Peter Frampton sings,

“People Over The World Reach Out your hand And touch each other People Over The World We are the same just different colours We have one life to live So much to give and so much to share There is love to be found Just look around There’s happiness there”

I have always dreamt of being a world traveller, shining in the northern lights, reminiscing life on an adventurous trip to the Amazon. However, my journeys have just started and there is a lot to experience.

Year 2017, was a year of exploration and expedition for me. I visited US for the first time and experienced some parts of Europe as well. The year ended with a short trip to Abu Dhabi.

I have always believed that exposure to a larger world, makes you knowledgeable and open minded. But last year, I actually felt an internal osmosis happening, and my soul was imbibing a lot of ideas and wisdom, during my rendezvous with varied cultures and people. The large section of the Indian population has some prejudiced ideas about the western world and I am sure the reverse is also a reality. But the bigger picture actually tells us that we aren’t that dissimilar; and we do have a lot to learn from each other.

US experience: My debut visit to the United States of America, was purely a business trip. My work was in Houston downtown. Expectantly the skyline is signed by enormous sky scrapers, urbanisation and modernisation is omnipresent in this fourth most populous city of US.

Houston Sky line

Besides the glitzy city life and its hustle bustle, and my admiration towards the perfectness of the man made wonders, I got a chance to listen to Texas special country music. As a traveller, my intention is always to have unison with the soul of the place, covering all attractions is never my agenda. And probably, that beautiful night, when few bearded, old men took over us with their mesmerising music under the star studded sky; I had felt the triumph of my visit.

Texas Special Country Music

My exposure to one of the most developed countries of the world taught me many aspects, but two of which I would like to mention, practice and propagate.

1. Adherence to Road Safety norms and valuing life above anything else. 2. Maintenance of cleanliness of roads and all public properties.

No matter, what amount of facilities is awarded to us, the above two has to be inculcated in order to assure longevity of assets and better quality of life.

Europe, a dream come true: My rendezvous with Switzerland and France, in contrary to US, was purely a pleasure trip. Needless to mention the uniqueness and panache of Paris is unparallel and Switzerland is like that fairy land, which everyone needs to behold, just to be able to appreciate the greatness of the creator. My husband and I both believe, in relaxed vacations. So we didn’t incorporate more destinations in our itinerary.

My Paris rendezvous

We had chosen home stays with Airbnb, and that was one of the best decisions. Our hosts in Paris, Emmanuel and Yacine, were social workers. One night, over dinner we discussed how child trafficking and prostitution was a gruelling problem in Paris. Emmanuel mentioned his stirring encounter with a child prostitute, and her vulnerabilities. It made me realise, that probably all nations of the world suffer the same diseases. Then why can’t we come together, and fight back? Time to introspect!

Wengen time

In Switzerland, we visited Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken and Wengen. While you must have heard of all the other destinations, Wengen might be new to you. And I must tell you, it was the best of the lot. If you have read Heidi as a child, it is exactly that place where Grandpa had his chalet. Wengen, made me realise the beauty of minimalistic living and importance of tranquillity. It is heaven for writers; I could complete a dozen more novels, if given a chance to stay there.

My husband lost in Swiss beauty

Europe also exhibited extreme road discipline and cleanliness. In fact, when we visited Jungfrau, I was astonished to experience the kind of cleanliness they maintain, in the restrooms, in that glacier area, in the middle of nowhere. It is important, that we love our nation and treat public facilities with compassion and responsibility.

Junfrau time

Abu Dhabi, the glittering desert city: UAE reflects opulence. But how? Their growth is directly proportional to the natural reserves of oil, in that zone of the world. This very fact clearly indicates, that we as responsible citizens of the world, must value, what nature has gifted us and promote sustainable living, if we want to grow as a nation.

Abu Dhabi is about lights and glitter, but it is also about discipline. Some of the cab drivers, I travelled with, told me how safe the city was, for both men and women. While in our country and otherwise, there is exponential increase in crime against woman, how are these countries able to maintain the discipline? What I felt was, although UAE is absolutely cosmopolitan, their actions against crimes are strict and fast, and there is no way to escape the law. Probably, it is high time, that we as a country also modify our laws, and provide enough infrastructure and expertise for fast and correct enforcement.

Abu Dhabi Wonders

My travel around the world has just begun. We plan to tick off, some more from our bucket list this year. But I firmly believe that travelling betters you as a person. I appreciated the beauty of different cultures and have tried to learn something from each. This world is diverse, but at the end of the day, we humans bear commonality in emotions. On a deeper thought, the exposure has made me realise, that all religions and cultures can happily coexist and imbibe from each other’s greatness; there is nothing to fight over. The hatreds are political gimmicks, which the common man fails to understand and falls prey.

I will end my narrative by urging each other, to spread the message of love. Love the world.

Let this world be a carnival and let all of us be smiling faces. Happy Blogging!

And I thank Lufthansa and Indiblogger for this initiative of spreading love across the globe

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