Five Precious Imbitions From SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #Instacuppa

My Husband Avishek had made this video for me

Hope you relate your narrator soul with it

I write to fly in the crimson sky

I write to rise and fall

I write to find my wandering mind

I wish to write till I die

-----By Aritra

In my quest to get hold of some fleeting thoughts

I always loved words and respected its power. As a kid, writing essays was the most cherished part of academics to me. But blogging came to my life in 2013, when I shifted to Mumbai and heard about this powerful community. Initially I used BlogSpot, but eventually, around a year back, bought my own domain, and named it “Tales to tell”. The name had struck me from absolute nowhere, as if, some divine power wanted me to narrate about my prized possessions, my stories.

This beautiful collage was thought of after immense brainstorming

It represents my space in a nutshell

My blog became my means, of directing my creative juices, to produce worthwhile results. It was my travel diary, my social voicing, my poetries and my story telling. As they say “when the days were dark and the nights were long, you (my ‘tales to tell’) gave me strength to carry on!” So my blog is invaluable to me, although I haven’t created much monetary value out of it.

Time passed and I continued to narrate, people loved my writings and praised my literary genius. But I was just writing, I wasn’t doing justice to the stirring world of blogging. My enthusiasm with words, were just my own. I was grossly incapable of conveying my sagas to the tittle-tattle of the people around.

My association with Indiblogger and Blogadda did fetch me some money and recognition. I acquired immense blogging knowhow, after attending BNLF conducted by the Indiblogger community. However, I wasn’t getting to the crux; I discerned the half heartedness of my blogging abilities.

My first physical rendezvous with the Blogger Community in BNLF

I also met Preeti Shenoy at the event

And then, #SuperBloggerChallenge2018, happened to me, opening flood gates of information, inspiration and knowledge.

So following are the 5 ingredients that I imbibed from this super challenge!

1. A circle that shares my passion

I am an introvert, when it comes to sharing my innermost whims. Probably ‘Tales to tell’ and my husband Avishek are my only confidants. So understandably asking people to like, comment, share or subscribe to my beloved musings, wasn’t my cup of tea. Especially when I know, that most will do it out of compulsion, rather than love for my words.

Super Blogger Challenge 2018, introduced me to an array of creative minds riding the same boat. Besides opening the vault to a treasure of great narratives, it has also given me a community who can work for mutual benefits and help each other grow. In this challenge, we read, comment and share each others’ work, hence popularising them. The blog sphere has space for coexistence of all, so propagating each other, helps us grow as a community.

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2. Crux of social media footprint creation

Although I was on twitter and Facebook, my social media foot print wasn’t anything to count upon. Through the weekly tutorials and gradual encroachment towards more and more social networking tools, like pinterest, this challenge has exposed me to a larger audience or rather educated me to target a larger audience. I agree, for a novice social junkie like me, its way to go. But I owe this start to Super Blogger Challenge 2018. I learnt important facts about plagiarism, and also how ranking and visibility on the social platform can get affected by unintentional plagiarism. Now I am technically sounder and can use social networks judicially for betterment of my heartfelt content.

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3. Inculcation of solid reading habit and mutual admiration

I am an avid reader of novels and other works of fiction. But I confide that I do not read blogs too much, which is quite an oxymoron, coming from a blogger. Super Blogger Challenge 2018, has inculcated in me the habit of reading my contemporaries, and imbibing from them, their positives. Initially it struck like a compulsion but eventually I started enjoying my reading time. Fortunately or unfortunately, my official commitments have multiplied with my enrolling in the contest, however I do not miss a single opportunity to read the blog posts, comment on them and share.

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4. Multidimensional creative writing

My write ups are mostly my experiences and voices, but identifying the saleability quotient was never in my check list. But thanks to the recent call, in which our dearest host Amrita shared about the four pillars of content creation, now I know how to plan my narratives. Such that, in my course of creative satisfaction, I also write on trending topics and increase the visibility of my content and am able to make monetary credits out of it. Also the innovative prompts that were shared, brand posts etc. have helped me grow, my content creating ability multi dimensionally. For example, writing about the must eat, cuisines of Kolkata, wouldn’t have struck, if I wasn’t influenced by the prompts.

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5. Writing is the easiest part of blogging

Being the dreamy, over emotional person that I am, writing to me was like floating in the clouds and staring at the star studded night sky. I wasn’t organised, with respect to schedule and writing was completely driven by my emotional highs and lows. This challenge made me realise, that writing is the easiest job in blogging, because it is something we love to do. But the other related stuffs, which convert your blog to a brand, aren’t stress relieving tools. They can be fussy, difficult to grasp, but at the same time essential to give you a social face. Hence, if we intend to extend the horizon of our space and give our creative genius an enormous blue sky to fly, these pains are worth taking.

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This post will be absolutely incomplete, if I do not mention our wondrous, talented and generous hosts, Uttpal, Amrita and Bushra. In this world of crumbling ideologies, you guys are unique and special. The zeal that you have, to convey your acquired knowledge and pay back to the beautiful blogging community, is rare. How much I have learnt from you, I cannot quantify. The gains from this challenge aren’t tangible either. But I promise to use what I have learnt and continue my evolution as a better content creator.

Happy Blogging!

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