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My book "Introspection"

If you read my blog posts, by now you know, that I am a dreamer. As a little girl, I used to believe that this world is like a stage and the story revolves around me. But as I grew up and candles got added to my birthday cake, I realised that I was just part of millions of tales and millions of dreams. The realisation broke my heart. “So am I not the most favourite child of God?” I enquired and my newly found maturity answered in a fake, deep voice “ are just like the rest.” Ever since, I was living in a cocoon, manufacturing dreams, staring at them aghast and let them pass by.

Realising some dreams-way to go

But around three and a half years back, one dream struck me hard and was adamant enough to stay with me. At that time, I used to blog about my travels, voice my social opinions and write poetries. From an absolute nowhere, the idea of writing a book came roaring towards me, and hit me right at my heart. This post is about my journey of realising a dream, which appeared to be impossible. This is heartfelt and I hope it touches you, and inspires some of you to hold on.

I am a chemical engineer and my job demands extensive brain work. And although I am married to the most motivating and compassionate man, one can long for, the austerities of being a working woman do not vanish entirely. At times when my mind is clogged with engineering jargons, “what to get cooked for dinner?” suddenly pops its head, making my thoughts go haywire. Hence in the state of mental chaos, finding the time to fabricate plots and entwine them, and finally weave a proper novel, wasn’t a cakewalk for sure.

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But as they say “where there is a will, there is a way”. Every day, after returning from office and letting my nerves relax for a while, I used to start my dreamy journey, and continued till 2 or 3 in the night. My husband, poor thing, caressed my head and encouraged with that occasionally cup of rejuvenating coffee. When I felt weak, I embraced him, to draw some motivation, and he would say “you can do it my love.”

My husband, Avishek,engrossed in my book

The exhaustive and enriching expedition continued for around two years. Then I finally finished my first novel “INTROSPECTION”, which is an evocative journey of a young couple, bound by love but parted by egos and ethos planted by the bourgeoisie. It is my novice attempt in weaving social messages in an interesting, fictional narrative. But the real struggle started after completion of the book and that is getting published. Well, let me tell you this, if you are a first timer, big publishing houses do not show any interest in your project at all. Rejection after rejection was pushing me to a dungeon of depression. And thank god that I had my hubby with me; otherwise I would be shattered by now.

Thankfully after endless toils, Leadstart publishing house and Become Shakespeare, offered to publish my work, under their debut venture called “Wordit Art fund”. My manuscript got selected out of 5000 odd entries. Since then it has been a dreamy journey.

Unveiling By Mr Mahesh Bhatt and addressing the media

The best moment of my life so far

With Bikramjeet Kanwarpal

On 11th December 2017, my book was launched by celebrated film maker Mahesh Bhatt, actor Dino Morea and critically acclaimed actor Bikramjeet Kanwarpal, in front of huge media assembly. Introspection is available on Amazon, Snapdeal, Infibeam, Flipkart and Kindle. The reviews on Amazon have been really encouraging and my story got featured in Reliance’s all women’s magazine called WOW.

My happy readers and there are many more

My story featured in WOW

So are you planning to write or publish your book?

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts


  1. Content is the king. Make your subject interesting and attention grabbing. Do the ground work and then plunge.

  2. Read a lot of good writers and learn from their flair.

  3. After you finish, prepare a self explanatory synopsis, an author’s biography and select some chapters which you want to pitch to the publisher or literary agents.

  4. Get your work edited for grammatical mistakes and also structural changes if required.

  5. Send your application to all big and small publishers.

  6. Start creating a brand for yourself, way before you publish your book. I missed doing this.

  7. Your book should have a great cover. My friend designed it for me, and people have loved it.

  8. Have good media launch for your book if possible. My friend helped me in arranging the event.


  1. Never make branding priority over content, because fake fames are just fads.

  2. If an editor or literary agent asks for money before doing his/her job, do not traverse that path. I was saved because a friend showed me the right track.

  3. Do not mix Hindi (or other languages) with English. Choose your forte and write in a one single language.

  4. And lastly, although it’s a tough and emotionally draining journey, DO NOT GIVE UP. Consider your book as your child and nurture it with love, no matter what. Have good and positive company around.

And lastly I will end with my favourite quote of Rabindranath Tagore,

“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”

My journey as an author and blogger has just begun; I am currently working on my second book. I know hardships will appear again, but I will continue to locate the stars in my sun deprived sky.

Happy Writing!!

A day to be cherisher forever

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The trailer of INTROSPECTION

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