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The breeze was harsh and held the heat

The sun a sparkling menace

City shined and sweated it out

Waited for evening to dawn with solace

As the crimson hid in the cape of darkness

Luminescence unconcealed with zeal

The city breathed a sigh of relief

And shined in a sheen surreal

I sat with the waters kissing my feet

Cherishing the softness of the sand

The mellowed sun was a delight to watch

And peace wagged its hand

The spellbinding creations of man

Exuberance all around

The desert city of Abu Dhabi says

Pack your bags and be UAE bound

by Aritra

Year 2017 was a year of exploration for me. I travelled across the globe and experienced uniqueness in diversity. My traveller heart had a heart full of cherished memoirs. I touched the soils of some of the places, which were part of my bucket list for long.

I got drenched in the colossal uniqueness of Paris and touched the snow in Switzerland. These two destinations were reigning supreme in my mind for many years and finally my wishes realised.

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As a little girl, I was exceedingly fascinated by Late Srideviji’s “Mourni Baga Ma Bole Adhi Raat Ma”. But my attraction was not just the grace and beauty of the actress. I believe it was my first rendezvous with my interest on the captivating diversity of the country and beyond, folk dances and flavours that carry the fragrance of the soil. The concept of a beautiful woman dancing to the tunes of Rajasthani folk music, the soft warmth of the flames and the silky, caressing sand, made me realise that I wanted to experience deserts.

Fortunately I did get the opportunity of exploring few places of Rajasthan, and undoubtedly the uniqueness struck me delectably (read : The cherished sojourn of Udaipur PART 1 and PART 2). But last October, when I got the chance of going to the desert city of Abu Dhabi, I was enthralled with the idea of experiencing, the epitome of manmade exuberance in the desert city. And my business trip got engrained with lots of pleasure.

The Entrace, and how grand

My cosy room

View from the hotel room

I and my colleague stayed at Traders Hotel, in Qaryat Al Beri. This colossal hotel is a part of the Shangri-la group. The rooms are very comfortable and you get great food in the restaurants. Of course the vegetarian options are less than the non-vegetarian ones. The favourite part of my stay however was the beach. This private beach is best to spend a lazy dusk and watch the crimson gradually get engulfed in the darkness of the evening and city getting lighted up. It’s an absolute bliss to watch resplendence all around, with water crawling up to your feet and sand tickling you.

A video taken by me, while I was enjoying the sunset

The delectable sunset

And me with my relaxed whim

And finally the star studded evening

Places that you shouldn’t miss in Abu Dhabi

1. Sheikh Zayed Mosque or Grand Mosque: This beautiful and sacred monument is the key place of worship for Abu Dhabi residents. It aura, resplendence and beauty leaves the onlookers awestruck. The fascinating and colourful Chandeliers attracted me verily. It’s a must visit if you are in the city and want to catch a glimpse of the blend of Persian, Mughal and Alexandrian architecture.

The ethereal beauty

Me inside the grand mosque

We need to follow the dress code

The massive Chandelier

2. Ferrari World: This is a huge Ferrari Themed Park and if you are a car enthusiast and craver from thrill, this is a must visit. There is also a huge mall associated, which is a shopaholics destination. All top international brands find a place in the mall.

A vintage car in the mall adjacent to Ferrari world

Color riot

A glimpse of luxury

3. The city tour: This city is paradise for luminescence addicts like me (read

: My Radiance Obsession). Hire a car and go around the city, there are enough malls to quench your thirst for shopping. For women who love make up, UAE is a must visit. You will be mesmerised by the resplendence around, and it will definitely remind you of Diwali. Do not miss the brilliance of the Corniche area, the beach and also the bliss to see the colossal palace of the King. And of course do not miss to buy dates for your family.

The beautiful corniche and array of yatchs

With the entrance tothe King's place to pose with

So what if you have to run around in formals

Lights all around

You should definitely club Dubai trip with Abu Dhabi, I couldn’t because of personal reasons.

Every place has a soul of its own, and it depends on the traveller if he/she wants unison with it. I am absolutely poetic when it comes to travel. I can sit by the bay and keep writing forever or a cup of coffee in a hill station can invoke the poet in me. I never count the places I cover; I always try to develop a connection with it, its people, its living and also its food & culture.

Life is too short to spend surrounded by job, responsibilities and money, exploration and connection makes me the person I am.

Happy Blogging and happy travelling!!!!

The pics are taken by me and my colleagues Nishant and Sarthak.

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