Staying Healthy with #Instacuppa #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

Fruit Infuser By #Instacuppa

Berries from my basket shout

Did you buy for me to rot?

Lemons in their entire tang

Rebuke me with a bang.

“Did you count my Vitamin C?

Then why is your diet free of me?”

While I sit encrusted in my laziness

“I know of the goods, but I need rest.”

Then one fine day #instacuppa arrives

Making life easy and nutrition thrives.

By Aritra (Talestotell)

In this maddening race of living, it is not only fast depletion of quality time but also diminution of the quality of life. Keeping up with the ever increasing stress of workplace, mad race to attain a certain kind of societal status, we at times are loading our system with unwanted and unnatural ingredients, like aerated drinks, too much of caffeine etc. With time these ingredients are leading to weight gain and other diseases.

I as a part of this corporate universe, many a times literally feel the toxins filling my system. I have also gained weight in the last couple of months.

In my search of inducing healthy habits and reinforcing a rejuvenating lifestyle, I had come across “Instacuppa”. In fact I was attracted by its tag line “Flavor Reimagined”. True #instacuppa as its name suggests, is that instant solution that induces natural flavours and nutrition in our lives.

About Instacuppa: It is a company that emphasises on drinking healthy and drinking natural. Its endeavours are towards, eliminating unhealthy drinking habits and replacing them with the nutritious ones. Therefore, as an organisation it is bringing forth equipments that make healthy drinking convenient.

Products of Instacuppa that interest me:

1. 3 in 1 infusion Pitcher

Cold Brew Coffee Maker/ Fruit infuser Pitcher/ Iced Tea Pot

These are multipurpose infusion units, made of durable robust Tritan Carafe. These aesthetically and ergonomically designed units are provided with tight lids and are easy to clean.

Infusion Pitchers are very easy to use and Instacuppa website has enough information about their usage. There is also a Recipe eBook, whose download instructions are provided with each buy. This will help the user experiment with different recipes.

2. Double Wall Glass Green Tea/ Detox Infuser Bottle

The infusion unit is made of high grade 304 stainless steel. And the Detox bottle is made of double walled borosilicate glass, suitable for both hot and cold brews. Additionally it is anti sweat and has thermos neoprene sleeve, to minimise thermal losses. It has BPA and lead free bamboo lids, for that perfect Detox experience.

The good news is this product also has free recipe eBook.

3. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

This product is my favourite and also most useful to me. To keep the aerated drinks and caffeine at bay, this fruit infuser is my ray of hope.

These bottles are designed to get maximum fruit infusion into your Detox water. Anti sweat and neoprene sleeves, give thermal insulation and makes it leak proof.

And the best part is it comes with 100 fruit infusion recipes in its free eBook.

4. French Press Coffee Maker

With its sleek and timeless appearance, this is a must have for that aesthetics cautious kitchen king/queen. Its metal filter provides that perfect clear tea or coffee in just 4 minutes. The extra tough heat resistant borosilicate glass carafe does not break easily and the stainless steel parts do not rust.

Freshness is bliss, be that a brand new day, a brand new book or a product that ensure fresh nutrition in your water every day. Instacuppa is like that mission, which is trying to reinforce some nutritional values in the diet of a generation highly influenced by junk.

Then what are you are thinking, go get your Instacuppa today!!

Click on the links below to get your instacuppa products

a. Instacuppa fruit infuser water bottle- Tritan Edition

b. Instacuppa fruit infuser water bottle- Thermos steel edition

c. Instacuppa green tea detox bottle

Say No to all unhealthy drinking habits, drink fresh fruit juices, bring your instacuppa home...

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